Friday, 21 April 2017

Join TorontotheBetter's year of the commons at the global Creative Commons conference in TO starting Friday April 28


Creative Commmons 2017, a celebration of all that's free and open, or isn't but should be, will  take place in the Delta Hotel, 75 Lower Simcoe Street. To find TorontotheBetter just go to the Registration desk and ask for directions, or check our Friday update to this blogpost.
For more information about the conference see   
 The Commons - beyond public and private

Monday, 17 April 2017

Common Law Training Workshop

Common Law Training Workshop

Workshop No. 1

Sovereignty, Self Government and the Common Law: The Theory and Practice of Popular Assemblies and Common Law Courts

Workshop No. 2:

The Common Law Court: Operation and Enforcement

Workshop No. 3:

Campaigns, Direct Action and Building the Common Law Republic

When: Saturday April 29 9am – 5:30pm
          (1st workshop starts 9:30am)  

Where: Treehaus Collaborative Workspace
            79 Joseph st. Kitchener

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Soccer News Today from ESPN and ABC

Some interesting news in the soccer world today. Bournemouth is recovering from a 4-0 loss to the increasingly powerful Spurs team that continues to dominate on the field thanks largely to the return of their starring player Harry Kane and Bournemouth's inability to make enough shots on net. In other news, there was an arrest made after a Germany bombing loaded with metal pins near the team bus of Borrussia Dortmund. One of the team's players was seriously injured and there has been more investigation with two new suspects from the Islamic community. Elsewhere, Arsene Wenger from the London Arsenal club is looking at new contract deals with other teams. Paul Mariner from believes a trade must be made to replace Wenger with Diego Simeone, a huge motivator and leader on the soccer grounds. Be sure to follow our blog as more soccer and other news will be posted.

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For more worldwide soccer news please check out ESPN or

Bcome a Toronto "Sustainist"


As defined by Canadian researcher/writer Jeremy Caradonna in his 2014 book Sustainability:a History [available by emailing postmaster@TorontotheBetter] sustainists seek "safe and livable cities with abundant green spaces; buildings that produce their own energy; public transportation networks to decrease reliance on cars; agricultural systems that can produce enough food to meet human needs without genetically modfied mechanisms or monoculture and without degrading soils and waterways with petrochemicals; and a healthy environment." [p.5].  

Tell us what you're doing by commenting on this post and/or emailing to take up the challenge and become a Toronto Sustainist.   


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Ecogear and Holistic Cooking Academy of Canada

Hey everyone. Here are the latest graphics. Hope you enjoy them and please make sure to comment.


Monday, 10 April 2017

Recent Updates

Hey fans and bloggers! I've been really busy making tons of new artwork for TorontoTheBetter, Fresh City Farms, Live on Chocolate, Eco-Gear and the Holistic Academy of Canada. TorontoTheBetter still taking large strides to improve our work with Cruyff Court Toronto and Red Panamericana and will continue to raise funds and awareness to get the Cruyff Court built ahead of schedule. Feel free to offer me any advice/ comments on how what you'd like to learn more about from Cruyff/ TBB.

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

"Share Like A Library (not like Uber)" - notice of new and forthcoming publications

 In the 21st century, as trading blocks grow in popularity, to provide greater economic power in a global economy, economic forces and their political expressions are less and less personal and the inevitable result is a desire for more direct and unfiltered communicative contact, aka populism, either inclusive and egalitarian or, unfortunately, but often, xenophobic.  The same phenomenon applies to the historically progressive response to the gross inequality resulting from increasingly uncontrolled private ownership and markets: nationalization and public ownership. To most workers, the “state” in Brussels, Ottawa, Washington or Beijing, feels as remote as high finance centres like Wall Street or Bay Street.

A popular alternative to bring economics closer to the public is available; it is called the commons. It is time to revive the idea and reality of the commons, not as a cosmetic device to hide inequality but to provide genuine economic participation to all who labour. To understand the relevance and increasing attractiveness of the commons model after a long period of enclosure and privatization we recommend attention to one incarnation of the commons model that has stood the test of time: the library. As a commons the library is a community trust from which users borrow, but do not consume. The library is particularly relevant because its long history extends from the time of the earliest known territorial commons to the virtual commons, the Internet, of recent times. In a future publication we will look at the original library concept and celebrate its historic and recent extension to many fields beyond books, from seeds to  tools. and beyond. Far from dead the library model  is alive and well. In keeping with the sustainable concept "the circular economy" libraries have long internally referred to their process of resource distribution as "circulation".    

Announcing the Toronto Commmons

With mainstream economic models recently significantly discredited, particularly after the collapses of 1989 (statist) and 2008 (market-ist), for their failure to provide sufficiency for all, even in the so-called developed countries, it's once again time for something completely different. It's called a commons, named after the medieval land arrangement that saw multiple residents use the same piece of held-in-common land for their sustenance. Commons come in many shapes and sizes, and now, since the Internet we have "virtual". Commons. Commons, whatever their medium, allow all "commoners" to partake while they also contribute. Commoning is not a contract; it is an act of citizenship. Commons avoid the wastefulness that dogs private property and the myth of their inefficiency has been largely put  to rest by Nobel economics winner Elinor Ostrom. Time for a Toronto Commons, we believe, and TorontotheBetter commits some of the starting resources, both physical and conceptual.. We recognize that other local initiatives like repair cafes and free markets are emerging from a similar group ownership and care model and here identify them and others as welcome fellow-travelers in pursuit of a truly sustainable "circular" economy where all benefit and all contribute. Building  the social  economy, TorontotheBetter's purpose since we started our directory in 2004, is truly under way. Contact us with your interests.