Saturday, 19 November 2016

Programs and Resources for Jane and Finch

What most successful communities thrive on is a good upbringing. There are many Jane and Finch kids and teenagers who are willing to learn in school and want to lead successful lives when they get older. That's why I am raising awareness about programs like Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) and Respect in Schools Everywhere (RISE). SAVE is a U.S. program that originated in 1989 in Charlotte, Carolina (S.A.V.E., n.d). It was created by a group of students who wanted to commemorate their classmate who was killed trying to break up a fight at a party (S.A.V.E., n.d). Since its inception, SAVE has had youth public speakers advocate and lecture on conflict management, crime prevention and service projects all over America (S.A.V.E., n.d). Because it is led and delivered by students, SAVE has had a great impact on students lives in preventing youth violence and creating safer environments for students everywhere (S.A.V.E., n.d). Similarly, RISE is built upon the foundation that students should address violence and bullying in schools and has had major success in the Scarborough area (Porter, 2012). While one day workshops and seminars attempt to teach students about issues like gender and racial equality and criminality, it is a more meaningful experience when it is taught by fellow students and studies show that it has proven to be more effective (Porter, 2012). I think these programs would be great starting points to prevent more violence from happening in Jane and Finch and instill proper views unto the kids. Jane and Finch has a lot going for it being that it's so multicultural and that the children and adults have a strong sense of community. In addition, Jane and Finch could seriously benefit from more OW and health workers investing time into the neighborhood. It's not enough that we see people advocating for Jane and Finch online, but to have real hands on helpers involved in the community would seriously boost up the area's financial debt and mental health issues.

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Maury Cheskes

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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Jane and Finch Success Stories

There are plenty of successful people who grew up in Jane and Finch. Actor, Lyriq Bent, singer Jully Black, choreographer Sergio Trujillo and recording artist Melanie Fiona.

Check out their stories at:

Women's Soccer in Canada

Women's soccer is growing in Canada and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment has considered starting a Women's Franchise. To read more click

Jane and Finch Highrise Owner Found Guilty after 2015 Fire

After the case of a woman being killed in a high-rise fire in 2015, the building owner was just recently found guilty and fined $71, 000. Apparently, the apartment owner at 2850 Jane Street violated many fire regulations including a rigid stairwell door as well as zero emergency lighting. The woman's son and husband survived the fire after they were rescued by firefighters, but the mother died from fatal injuries. To watch the video and read more visit

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Why Soccer could Benefit Jane and Finch

Jane and Finch is known for a lot of things. It is an immigrant hot spot for black and Latino Canadians and it is a central haven for creativity. Jane and Finch has received a lot of negative attention for its housing difficulties, its high rate of crime and the sometimes unfair portrayal the media makes of it. Soccer on the other hand is becoming more global and receives positive media feedback year round when it comes to Fifa or MLS. It brings larger crowds out of any other sport and is steadily gaining even more momentum. With a world accepted sport, the youth in Jane and Finch could benefit from having an accessible playing field with designated times which in the long run will gain them more experience in a new game and ultimately encourage them to play in a more competitive setting. What people don't notice about the residents of Jane and Finch is their passion and positive outlook. Basketball is already very popular among the younger community and with adding another sport to their schedule, it would help promote a healthy, interactive activity to their environment which will resonate with the rest of Toronto. Jane and Finch can make any popular trend even better with the raw spirit and willful determination they all share. At the very least, it'll be good to kick some balls around. Give it a thought and write me back.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

TorontotheBetter stands with Standing Rock at Toronto City Hall Dakota Access Pipeline protest on Nov.5,2016

Join with TorontotheBetter , Idle No More, Occupy Toronto and many others, in solidarity with North America's indigenous peoples to protest the Dakota Access and other pipeline projects that further threaten the common land and water that we all share. As one sign read at Saturday's Round Dance and demo "Protestors are Protectors".

For details information about the  Dakota Access pipeline project see:

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Charitable Status and Community Carnival

Heyo! This week I looked into the process of registering Cruyff Court Toronto with a charitable status and also looked into organizing a carnival for the Jane and Finch area. It would cost approximately $500-$1000 to organize a carnival around the Jane and Finch area to rally about better housing opportunities, better school supplies and new sports facilities. Additionally, I have sent out many emails to other registered charities that would potentially be interested in the Cruyff development such as the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and the Boys and Girls club. If you have any suggestions for a community carnival of things you'd like to see, let me know by commenting on the blog or contacting Tim Burns, the program coordinator at