Friday, 30 January 2009

January 30th video screening at Tinto; February 2009 events with Zatoun

A couple noteworthy invitations came to my inbox last night:

e-fagia presents: Video Screening - "Do Wambura" (Goodbye River) 
by Oscar Ordóñez

Friday, January 30th at 7:00 pm

Goodbye River shows the struggle of the Embera Katio peoples of the Sinu River in Cordoba, Colombia. It recovers the legacy of Kimi Pernia, indigenous leader who was assassinated for defending nature and the rights of his ethnic group.

This video is presented as part of the exhibition LEY DE ORIGEN (LAW OF ORIGIN).

e-fagia collective is pleased to present Oscar Ordóñez, a Colombian photographer and documentary film-maker based in Toronto; He is currently showing a series of photos of people from different native ethnic groups from various regions of Colombia. Through this exhibition, you will see rich cultural diversity in an extraordinary journey across several regions and peoples.

When the Spanish conquistadores arrived in Colombia, there were around nine million natives. Thereafter the vast majority of them were exterminated. Despite this, native peoples in Colombia have been fighting to preserve their own culture, autonomy, cosmogony, self-determination, and their rights to the land. At present there are around 84 native nations in Colombia and they speak approximately 64 different languages. This extraordinary cultural heritage is possible, in part, through a living oral tradition that remains strong across numerous generations.

For more information, please contact: Oscar Ordónez,
Julieta Maria, 416-588-8171


Toronto Events with Zatoun:

- Wednesday, February 4; Poetry for Peace at OISE from 7:00 to 9:00 pm

- Sunday, February 8; Palestine, Israel, & Democracy at OISE from 7:30 pm

- Sunday, February 22; Bridge to the World: Fundraiser for Project Hope at Lula Lounge - 6:00 pm

( see below for details )

~ Poetry for Peace
Time: Wednesday, Feb-04 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Location: OISE - Peace Lounge, 7th floor South - 252 Bloor St. W. (St. George subway)
Sponsor: Tikkun Toronto & Transformative Learning Centre

Share music and poetry, coffee and dessert, as we collect funds to support "from Zatoun to Zatoun" initiative for humanitarian aid to Al-Zaytoun neighbourhood in Gaza City

~ Public Forum: Palestine, Israel, & Democracy
Time: Sunday, Feb-08 at 7:30 pm
Location: OISE Room 5-260 - 252 Bloor St. W. (St. George subway)
Sponsor: NION - Jewish Voices Opposing Zionism; Information:

Speakers: Robert Massoud, Founder Zatoun Fair Trade Olive Oil from Palestine
Jenny Peto, Anti-Zionist Jewish activist, member of CAIA, graduate student at OISE

~ Bridge to the World: Fundraiser for Project Hopesdaf
Time: Sunday, Feb-22 Doors open at 6:00 pm
Location: Lula Lounge - 1585 Dundas St. W. (between Dufferin and Lansdown)
Tickets: $35 per person (includes finger food)

A special evening of cultural performances, gallery of pictures showcasing Project Hope's six years of work with children in Palestine, raffle, auction of embroidered dress from Palestine, presentations by volunteers just back from Palestine, sale of cultural items from Zatoun and other vendors & much more!

Performances include: Al Lala Dance Group ( - a group of dancers and drummers bring true spirit of Arabic folklore. Spoken word by: Samah Sabawi.Mraya (with the talent of Maryem Tollar, Roula Said, Jayne Brown, Sophia Grigoriadis) - performing Arabic, Greek and Balkan music, drum and vocal songs. A special dance performance by members of the MOSAIC Arabic Folklore Ensemble (

To purchase tickets via PayPal or local contacts ( or (416) 879-8939; or (416) 570-3674)

Zatoun invites you to learn more about our mission and activities.

experience ~ learn ~ share

ZATOUN, fair trade olive oil from PALESTINE; -

Monday, 19 January 2009

Let Them Stay

I am asking for assistance from everyone who is willing in the War Resisters' Campaign this week. Thank you so much for any help you can give. Sallie


January 19 to 26, 2009
The Conservative government has launched an unprecedented attack on US Iraq War resisters. In response, supporters across the country are rallying to stop threatened deportations. Every person and every action can make a difference. Below are activities and actions in which we encourage you to take part.

National events

See also local events to find actions planned in your city.

Leafletting Day
Choose a busy corner in your city and hand out leaflets in support of war resisters to help spread the word and involve more people. You can download a leaflet at
See local events below to find out about leafletting sessions which are already planned in your city.

Monday, January 19: Letter-to-the-Editor Day

Send a letter to your local newspaper calling on the Conservative government to stop the deportations and let the resisters stay.

Thursday, January 22: National Phone-In Day

Contact Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and Prime Minister Stephen Harper to tell them you support war resisters.

Urge them to:- Stop the deportation proceedings against all US Iraq War resisters; and- Implement the Parliamentary motion from June 2008 to allow war resisters to apply for Permanent Resident status in Canada.

Contact info:Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Phone:613-954-1064 (Ministry office)613-992-2235 (Parliamentary office)Email:
Please cc the opposition party critics if you email Jason Kenney:
Borys Wrzesnewskyj, Liberal party immigration critic:
Olivia Chow, NDP immigration critic:
Thierry St-Cyr, Bloc Québécois immigration critic:
The Right Hon. Stephen Harper Phone: 613-992-4211 Email:

Friday, January 23: Visit or call your local MP Day

Call or visit your local Members of Parliament and tell them you support war resisters. If your MPs are Conservatives, tell them you want the government to implement the Parliamentary motion to stop the deportations of war resisters and let them stay in Canada.

If your MPs are members of one of the opposition parties, remind them of their party's support for the motion and ask them to speak out publicly at this critical time against the deportations.

Events by City

To add events, please email
For a full listing of national events, please visit

Toronto events

Monday, January 19

Prayer vigil to support war resisters
4:15pm Peace Garden, Toronto City Hall100 Queen Street West
Organized by Catholics for Peace--Pax Christi

Tuesday, January 20

Leafletting sessions in support of war resisters:- 8:00am St. George subway station (Meet at the Bedford entrance)- 11:30am to 4:30pm
Bloor Cinema
The Bloor Cinema will be showing the inauguration of US President Barack Obama. Join us for part or all of the showing to help distribute leaflets.

Wednesday, January 21

Parkdale Friends of War Resisters: community event
6:30pm May Robinson Manor 20 West Lodge Avenue
Featuring:Gerard Kennedy, Member of Parliament (Parkdale - High Park)
Kim Rivera and Dean Walcott,
US Iraq War resisters Press conference11:00amTrinity-St. Paul's Centre427 Bloor Street West

Thursday, January 22

Video premiere of Deserter
Featuring war resisters Jennifer and Ryan Johnson
7:00pm 25 Cecil Street (one block south of College, west of Beverly)

War Resisters Support CampaignPhone: 416-598-1222

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Not Just Tourists Toronto looking for suitcases etc.

We recently received an email from Not Just Tourists Toronto, a volunteer-based, not-for-profit project that collects surplus medicines and medical supplies for use in Cuba and other developing countries:

Greetings. Over the past few weeks there has been a flood of requests
coming in to Not Just Tourists Toronto for packed suitcases. The
small mountain of empty suitcases we had stockpiled last fall is
almost depleted. We need your help in finding more.

What we are looking for are medium sized suitcases, either soft or
hard sided, as well as duffle bags, sports bags, and soft bags of
various kinds. The suitcases and bags need to be relatively clean and
have working handles or straps. We have found that large suitcases
with heavy wheels and handles, or foldable clothing bags don't serve
our purposes.

Can you help by looking in your basements and garages, and by speaking
to your relatives, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, and people in
the groups that you belong to?

All offers of suitcases should be directed to Dorothy Rusoff. She can
be reached at (416) 461 8709 or

Friday, 9 January 2009

Plea for Help from the War Resisters

Because Canada took me and my husband in back in the 1960's when he was fleeing the U.S. in order not to be sent to Vietnam, I feel very strongly about helping those Americans who have come to Canada seeking refuge during this current conflict. Sallie Thayer


Please send an email right away to: Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal Leader --; Borys Wrzesnewskyj, the Liberal Immigration Critic --; Jim Karygiannis, MP --

Please urge them to issue an immediate statement concerning the deportation order against war resister Kim Rivera and her family (husband Mario, son Christian (6) daughters Rebecca (4) and Katie (6 weeks). Ask them to come out strongly in opposition to this order, which would mean that the Riveras would have to leave Canada by January 27 or be deported.

Don't forget the other war resisters facing imminent deportation: Chris Teske; Patrick Hart and family; Cliff Cornell; and Dean Walcott. The Liberals supported the motion of June 3, 2008, recommending that "conscientious objectors to wars not sanctioned by the UN Security Council" be allowed to stay in Canada and apply for Permanent Resident Status after two years..

It also recommended that the Government "cease all deportation proceedings" against such people. But in recent days, as deportation orders have come down against many war resisters, the Liberals have been silent. Please urge them to speak up, and demand that the Harper Government comply with the House of Commons motion of June 08, and state their intention of supporting a similar motion when the House reconvenes later this month.Peace,

Lee Zaslofsky, War Resisters Support Campaign