Sunday, 28 January 2018

Resilient and Relentless - TorontotheBetter Welomes Cedar Basket Native Canadian Centre youth enterprise

Greetings to Cedar Basket, the ENAGB Youth Gift Shop. featuring the Resilient and Relentless clothing and crafts brand..In the heart of Toronto, near the Spadina subway stop at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto (NCCT). Cedar Basket, is a unique, indigenously owned and operated gift shop that celebrates First Nations, Metis and Inuit arts and crafts while fostering the the energy and skills of our aboriginal youth. Torontothebetter was recently offered the chance to speak with Cedar Basket Coordinator Edward Cyr about the new store and  the opportunities it offers to native youth and all in Toronto.

Edward reviewed for us the many barriers of housing, employment and education faced by native youth in Canada's largest urban centre.

As Well as the Cedar Basket Gift Shop The Native Canadian Cntre of Toronto offers a wide range of programmes or all with a commitment  to the advancement of  Toronto;s and Canada;s native. TorontootheBetter llooks forward to further contributing to awreness and  support of native peoples in Toronto and beyond. 

As an expression of our founding TorontotheBetter principle of inclusion both Cedar Basket and the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto will  become part of the TorontotheBetter Directory. Stay tuned to this space to join us as we continue our support for indigenous and other progressive economic initiatives.

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Friday, 12 January 2018

Middle class bullshit continues

At some point repeating the same phrase endlessly should get embarrassing. Apparently it still hasn't for Canada's leading party. For the record the middle class is not a dinner party and you can't "join" it. That's why few ever do. Middle income is NOT middle class, which comes with the habit of power, power over. The parrott-ers of the Liberal class analysis (2 classes only and the difference between those who are there and those who are not working hard enough to be there) either don't understand reality or are happy to promote an illusion; let's call it the Canadian Dream..   

On shitholes - the American ones

As travellers in the land of the free (for some), many of us have been to some of them: the shithole American towns where the poor have to live. There's not a Whole Foods in sight, just regular people trying to live decent lives with the class chips of stacked against them. Solidarity with them as we do our best for a truly social economy.