Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Announcing the Toronto Commmons

With mainstream economic models recently significantly discredited, particularly after the collapses of 1989 (statist) and 2008 (market-ist), for their failure to provide sufficiency for all, even in the so-called developed countries, it's once again time for something completely different. It's called a commons, named after the medieval land arrangement that saw multiple residents use the same piece of held-in-common land for their sustenance. Commons come in many shapes and sizes, and now, since the Internet we have "virtual". Commons. Commons, whatever their medium, allow all "commoners" to partake while they also contribute. Commoning is not a contract; it is an act of citizenship. Commons avoid the wastefulness that dogs private property and the myth of their inefficiency has been largely put  to rest by Nobel economics winner Elinor Ostrom. Time for a Toronto Commons, we believe, and TorontotheBetter commits some of the starting resources, both physical and conceptual.. We recognize that other local initiatives like repair cafes and free markets are emerging from a similar group ownership and care model and here identify them and others as welcome fellow-travelers in pursuit of a truly sustainable "circular" economy where all benefit and all contribute. Building  the social  economy, TorontotheBetter's purpose since we started our directory in 2004, is truly under way. Contact us with your interests.           

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