Friday, 30 September 2016

Showing like a pro - the Future of Football [aka Soccer] at Toronto's Jane-Finch Neighbourhood

Cruyff Court Toronto talked to, and played with (photo) , audience members at Driftwood Community Centre's Multicultural Festival on Sept. 24th and signed up many as prospective Cruyff Court followers. The fair trade soccer ball in the photo was raffled and will be presented to  the winner at Driftwood next week. 

"Cruyff Court Toronto - bringing the people's game closer to the people"

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Join us at the Annual Driftwood Multicultural Festival on Sept.24th (11am-4pm) in Driftwood Community Ctr. - 4401 Jane St.

A wonderful event celebrating one of Toronto's most dynamic neighbourhoods, featuring talent young and old from the diverse communities of Jane-Finch, music, food and neighbourliness. Once again TorontotheBetter is pleased to attend and introduce visitors to Cruyff Court Toronto, our planned first in Canada all-weather mini soccer facility - be among the first to sign up as Cuyff Court Toronto members. All are welcome and it's free.  
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TorontotheBetter at the Annual Driftwood Multicultural Festival on Sept.24th (11am-4pm) in Driftwood Community Ctr. - 4401 Jane St.

Pleased to meet so many at another great Driftwood multicultural festival on Saturday. We heard lots of interest from community members about Cruyff Court Toronto, our first in Canada all-weather mini soccer facility and introduced Maury Cheskes, our new placement student from the George Brown College Community Worker programme.

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Friday, 2 September 2016

Mainstreaming the Social Economy

It's time for the "alternative" economy to become the standard one, for the 21st century to be one of wholescale enterprise transformation. If the last 10 years of social economics have taught us anything it is that there is no contradiction between treating workers, the environment and the community well and business viability. Rather the opposite, we would say. Business must take less old-style profit, but the rest of us, and ultimately the the enterprises themselves, will benefit from fairly treated and so committed workers, sustainable operations and community resourcefulness. Stay tuned to this blog for more on our campaign for a social economy.

Casino Jobs the best option for Rexdale?

Ignoring the obvious dangers of gambling in a longtime low income and low job environment the proponents of a Casino for Rexdale in North-West Toronto echo the "any job is good" refrain of several politicians who, with the exception of the thankfully defeated Stephen Harper will remain un-named here. And if there are no alternatives it is understandable if anything looks goood. It is to widen economic and recreational options for the area that Red Panamericana Toronto, Toronto's non-profit partnership with the Hispanic Development Council plans a unique first in Canada soccer facility - "Cruyff Court Toronto" - near the Jane-Finch neighbourhood. To learn more and to make a personal contribution of any kind check out the Red Panamericana blog at