Saturday, 15 April 2017

Soccer News Today from ESPN and ABC

Some interesting news in the soccer world today. Bournemouth is recovering from a 4-0 loss to the increasingly powerful Spurs team that continues to dominate on the field thanks largely to the return of their starring player Harry Kane and Bournemouth's inability to make enough shots on net. In other news, there was an arrest made after a Germany bombing loaded with metal pins near the team bus of Borrussia Dortmund. One of the team's players was seriously injured and there has been more investigation with two new suspects from the Islamic community. Elsewhere, Arsene Wenger from the London Arsenal club is looking at new contract deals with other teams. Paul Mariner from believes a trade must be made to replace Wenger with Diego Simeone, a huge motivator and leader on the soccer grounds. Be sure to follow our blog as more soccer and other news will be posted.

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