Friday, 28 February 2014

Union confronts boss of cheated Toronto worker - Way to go IWW!!

Toronto IWW Statement of Action [received from the Solidarity Committee of the Industrial Workers of the World, TorontotheBetter members' union]

Workers often find themselves in tight spots. Sometimes they don't receive their full pay, they are fired without severance, and bosses can make life difficult for past employees. The Toronto Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) believe that by standing in solidarity with one another, we can take a stand against bad bosses, and against the exploitation of workers.

On Wednesday February 19th 2014,  the Solidarity Committee of the Toronto IWW –along with its supporters –accompanied M, a general labourer (who will remain nameless), to confront his former boss, the owner of a temp agency through which M found work. The group delivered an invoice to the boss detailing the specific jobs M had worked and the total sum of 230.00$ in unpaid wages. Although the boss was reluctant to hear M’s complaints he eventually acknowledged receiving the letter and that he understood the grievance brought forward by the worker.
The boss is being given ten days to pay M the full amount in wages owed before further action is to be sought. The exploitation of workers by bosses requires our collective effort to fight and the Solidarity Committee of the IWW is committed to helping workers win real gains.
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