Sunday, 18 August 2013

ChemTrails environmental warning for unsuspecting city-dwellers from Nav, our Brampton correspondent

Watch what we eat, yes, but hard to watch what we breathe. Thanks, Nav Mundi, who sent us this warning video about what's in the clouds above us:

TorontotheBetter Supports Denis Poitras - Montreal's solidarity lawyer

TorontotheBetter's Montreal correspondent Louise Constantin reminds us to support better world activist ally Denis Poitras. In a better world maybe we would not need lawyers but for the foreseeable future we need allies like Denis.

For details see Rabble post at:


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Repair Cafe Celebrates Moneyless Sharing Economics

What is old is new again as many in Toronto and beyond experience tough times and many freely give of their skills and knowledge. TorontotheBetter was pleased to visit and learn at Skills forChange's recent Repair Cafe, where repair needers met repairers. There was a 3-D printer, a clock-fixer and a felt-maker. Probably a candlestick maker too. Bottom line: problems solved and no money asked or given. Here is free exchange in the raw. It's called sharing. Now there's an idea with legs,,,