Monday, 11 August 2014

TorontotheBetter Jane-Finch initiative welcomes Tyler Radovanovich as staff

            Red Panamericana, the social economy partnership of TorontotheBetter and the Hispanic development Council, is pleased to announce an important step forward by bringing in Tyler Radovanovich, to help realise our goal of bringing Canada’s first Cruyff Court to Toronto. Tyler will be helping to draft proposals, as well as a business plan for our project. With this role now filled, the Cruyff Court Project can move into the next stage of development. Through our generous partnership with Toronto Azzurri a suitable site has already been identified, and now with the introduction of Tyler we can begin to attract the funds required for further capital and operational costs.

After finishing his studies at York University, Tyler moved into an internship role with the global NGO Right To Play. While there he was able to see first-hand the fantastic benefits of sport and play in the lives of children and decided that sport for development would be a main focus for his future profession. He spent two years at the Toronto International Headquarters of RTP, before taking a role at the United Kingdom office assisting in University and Sports Partnerships. It was in the UK that Tyler developed a keener knowledge of the fundraising and budgeting side of NGO’s and where we hope his experience can benefit us in achieving our mutual goals. As a true aficionado of the game of football, Tyler was immediately attracted to the Cruyff Court Project and was eager to take any role he could to assist in seeing it come to fruition.

The Cruyff Court project and its surrounding social economy zone are grounded in the vision of sport as a vehicle for a better life; and in values of social participation as a critical component of social capital, and social inclusion for all people regardless of age, gender, origin or physical capabilities. Red Panamericana hopes that through this project we can help create a lasting sporting legacy, in one of the cities most underserved areas. This initiative will promote physical and social health while bringing the community together. With Tyler now on board we feel we’re moving in the right direction to achieve our goal.