Monday, 31 December 2012

Toronto is First Nations land - TorontotheBetter greetings and support for Idle No More campaign

Toronto, like the rest of Canada, occupies First Nations land. We support "Idle No More" and call on the federal government to address the concerns  raised by Theresa Spence, in her courageous hunger strike, and all Idle No More activists.
For more details on the campaign, see

Monday, 17 December 2012

Want better public transit? Become a TTCriders member today...

...TTCriders is an emerging, grassroots public transit advocacy group that wants more and better public transit in Toronto...hard to argue with that: click here to become a member.

TorontotheBetter Supports Crafting Selves - young Torontonians art project

For details of this innnovative exploration of identity through art check out TorontootheBetter colleague Fabrizio Bianchini's Crafting Selves Commmunity Arts project at: