Monday, 22 June 2009


From the latest Centre for the Study of Education and Work (CSEW) email newsletter:


"In Cornwall, a high school teacher told us that while they used to raise funds for school trips and sports teams, now they raise money to buy food, because too many students are too hungry to learn."- Irene Harris, Ontario Federation of Labour's Drive to Work Caravan

Our Times' summer issue (Vol. 28 No.3) will be heading to the printer shortly. In this issue, we're highlighting the courageous struggle of migrant agricultural workers for safe and healthy working conditions and the right to unionize. We're also featuring the recent historic union stewards' assembly in Toronto. Plus we've got some great creative fiction and non-fiction, including Part 2 of Newfoundland writer Mike Heffernan's story about a deadly explosion aboard an oil tanker. It's a great issue, geared to building solidarity in hard times.

If you think you may want to order extra copies of this issue as an education resource for your workshops, schools, or to include in your conference or convention kits, please contact our business manager by June 25 at the latest. Telephone: 416-703-7661. Toll-free: 1-800-648-6131. E-mail: Discounted prices are available for bulk orders.

Friday, 12 June 2009

I'm almost there! Help me raise money to travel to Uganda and volunteer

The online donation portion of the raffle is now closed, but there is still time to send a cheque! Click HERE for details or see my previous post. The time of departure fast approaches. In less than a month I am off to Uganda to volunteer with Kirabo Canada - helping to educate and raise the confidence level of former child soldiers and orphans. I am nervous and excited. In addition to teaching jewelry making as an after school activity, I have also volunteered to teach the girls how to make their own reusable menstrual pads. Apparently they are missing school when the menstruate and need help to find a solution. I found detailed instructions online and even though I am not the greatest at sewing, I can definitely purchase the materials with the money everyone has donated and teach the manufacturing. Wish me luck! Lara Bazant - Bazant Unique Adornments (member of Toronto the Better)

Friday, 5 June 2009

Tinto wins TFPC Local Food Hero Award

Tinto Coffee House is receiving a Toronto Food Policy Council Local Food Hero award at TFPC's June 10th meeting at City Hall, Room 4 at City Hall, from 2:00 to 5:00 PM.

From a recent TFPC Facebook message:

"Almost everything at the meeting is local, including the famous farmers market snacks served during the break, but some have come from far away to be local with us.


June's choice for the Local Food Hero award will also be rewarding. It's going to the folks at Tinto, who've made a bootstrap success of their restaurant thanks to servings with a local and social justice flair based on Latin American recipes. Come early (at 1:45) to talk with these inspired ecopreneurs and sample some of their wares, just before the formal meeting starts.


If you have questions or need more information, please call Leslie at 416-338-7934."

Thursday, 4 June 2009

TorontoTheBetter joins Bike 2 CAPAIDS Bike-a-thon

CAP AIDS's 2009 Bike 2 CAP AIDS Bike-a-thon is only one week away.And TorontoTheBetter has entered a team.

The Canada Africa Partnership on AIDS (CAP AIDS) is a young Canadian charity focused on providing resources to the grassroots community-based organizations that are on the front lines in the battle against the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa.

The details for the Toronto event are as follows:
Venue: Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club
Date: Sunday, June 14th, from 9AM to 1PM. Ride begins at 10AM.
Contact: Obert Madondo
Tel: (416) 783 0002
E-mail: /

To sponsor the TorontoTheBetter team, go to Tim Burns' page.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Urban Harvest's 2009 Summer Address

I received this notice in my latest Good Food Box from FoodShare and thought I'd report it here...

Urban Harvest Garden Alternatives has a new address for Summer 2009:

59 Elm Grove Avenue - 2 blocks west of Dufferin and south of Queen Street West

Tues-Sat 10-7 PM & Sundays and Mondays 10-5 PM

- Dufferin Grove Park; Thursdays 3-7 PM

- The Green Barn, 601 Christie Street; Saturdays 7:30-2 PM

- Waldorf School, 9100 Bathurst Street; May and June, Saturdays 8:30-1 PM

- The Brickworks on the Bayview Extension; May 24 to end of October, Saturdays 8-1 PM

- Riverdale Farm; Tuesdays 3-7 PM starting May 12