Sunday, 20 December 2009

Fun in the St. Clair West Community

On Friday night, as I was leaving one of the many parties I’ve been attending over the week (and into the weekend), the host asked me to stay longer. It was midnight, which was far later than I’d intended on staying. I told her that I had a big day the next day. She asked what I was doing, and I began to explain with excitement my plans.

"Wake up and walk to the Cedarvale bridge for sunrise, go to the Wychwood farmers market and film the heritage PCC vehicles opening the St. Clair streetcar." She said, ‘that’s what you call fun social plans?’. I said, ‘oh yes, it’s a lot of fun.’

She said, "you’re strange.”

As I went home, I thought about what I consider to be fun social plans. Not to say, I don’t enjoy being with new and old friends at gatherings, listening to live music and dancing. But what truly gives me comfort and pleasure is celebrating community. Yesterday was just that and I’m not the only one that had a good time.

There was a lot of people in the community celebrating. We laughed, we listened to the Hillcrest choir (which was on one of the two streetcars), and swapped stories from the early days of the St. Clair streetcar.
I was videotaping the event for Joe TV ( I’ll be spending Christmas day editing. Probably a strange way to spend Christmas but I like it.

I took these pictures with my still camera. I'll post the final video from the event after Christmas.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Support Toronto Women's Bookstore in their hour of need

In a recent article, Suzannah Showler reports that the Toronto Women's Bookstore is on the brink, needing $40,000 in order to stay open for the next three months.

For anyone doing some last minute holiday shopping, please consider getting over to Harbord Street and showing your support, after all...

'If the store closes, it will be a loss of something more than just purveyor of books. "We’re not just a bookstore," Bourgeois says, "Our mandate has always been to fight oppression. Bookselling is what allows us to stay alive as a non-profit organization, but it’s just one part of what we do. We hold events of all kinds: book launches, workshops, readings. We have a great relationship with the academic community, and we also partner with other organizations doing meaningful frontline work with some with of the most disadvantaged members of this city. We’ll be losing a member of a thriving community if the Toronto Women’s Bookstore closes."'

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

homemade fruit cakes at Java Mama

they will be available at Java Mama 1075 Bathurst Street-at Vermont-from Wed. Dec 15th on
open 1-7 daily-closed on tuesdays

please reserve by email or come in
$20 a pound
cakes are a pound each more or less.-sold by weight

booze free
7 kinds of dried fruits-mango,pineapple,craisins,raisins,prunes,unsulphured apricots,dates,
raw carrots and raw apples
3 kinds of nuts-walnuts,almonds,pecans

simple packaging