Sunday, 27 April 2014

Torontothe|Better explores new sports facility for Jane-Finch neighbourhood

In partnership with our partners in the Hispanic Development Council TorontotheBetter has, for some time, been exploring the possibility of a new soccer facility for an under-served area of north Toronto. The planned Cruyff Court facility, named after Dutch soccer legend Johann Cruyff would be the first in Canada and would replicate similar community Johann Cruyff Foundation facilities around the world. On Sunday April 27, 2014, as part of our search for suitable locations in the north-west of the city, we visited the home of the Toronto Azzurri club and viewed its playing field and splendid new clubhouse near the intersection of Keele and Steeles streets. Bob Iarusci of Toronto Azzurri showed the facilities to fellow-North American Soccer League veteran Taodhg Burns, of TorontotheBetter, and colleague Matia Ahumada of the Chilean Consulate in Toronto and Red Panamericana (TorontotheBetter's social economy development partnership with the Hispanic Development Council).            

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How to do social economy? It's easy...

Here at TorontotheBetter we are excited about our upcoming TorontotheBetter 2013-14 Social Economy journal, a dynamic list of the social economy organizations we used for our regular day to bay business functions over the last twelve months. We hope you can learn something new from it. Step one for us, like you, the key step, of course, is to check the TorontotheBetter Directory, to find enterprises that fit your needs. From postal services to computer recycling and from bicycle repair to education and training we found TorontotheBetter services that helped us do what we needed to do. Stay tuned for our detailed 2013-14 journal in the coming weeks. 

And while your at it, please tell us about your own Toronto social economy experiences. And if you know of good enterprises we don't yet that are outside TorontotheBetter please tell us. We'd love to invite them to join us; an email to to or a submission to our Suggest a Business button will to the trick.

     For a bigger, better and more available Toronto social economy for all...