Thursday, 8 October 2015

Direct Action/Democratic Economics - PWYC Movie and Discussion. Tues. Nov. 24th, 2015 at 427 Bloor St. West [rescheduled from Oct.20]

Occupy [remember that eruption?] - didn't change everything, but at least many started thinking about real alternatives again, Join us for a look at what we can do to avoid repeating the oft-repeated collapses of mainstream market economies over the last century. A video - Can We Do It Ourselves? and a book, York UniversityTom Malleson's "After Occupy: Economic Democracy For the 21st Century" will be our starting points. In contradiction to the neo-liberal mantra, still chanted by willing minions in the mainstream, TIA [There Is An Alternative] and TorontotheBetter [] celebrates it. 

UPDATE after October 19.
With the Canadian federal election over and a new government elected with a less Austerity mindset many Canadians have decided it's time for a re-think. Economic democracy represents a re-do, not just a re-think. Join us as we support all those who say yes to the movie's question "Can We Do It Ourselves?".