Friday, 24 June 2011

Bike Pirates' 2011 Art Spin Bike Ride starts June 30th...

I seem be a bit late on this news...or am I just early for the second one on July 28th?...

Bike Pirates is organizing a series of Art Spin Bide Rides this summer:

Art Spin is a multi-disciplinary art crawl style bicycle tour of galleries (commercial, artist run & public), art performances and visits to artist’s studios throughout various downtown Toronto neighbourhoods.

This year's Art Spin will take place on the last Thursday of the month from June until August 2011.The meeting point is the gate to Trinity Bellwoods Park at Queen St. & Strachan, between 6:30 – 7 pm and ending around 9 pm. Art Spin is a free event, and anyone regardless of age or cycling ability is welcome.

Dates for 2011 season include...
June 30th
July 28th
August 25th

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Call for Entry: Green Living Awards for Excellence in Corporate Responsibility

A message from Green Living:

Just a reminder that there is still time to apply for the Green Living Awards for Excellence and be recognized as a leader in corporate responsibility.

This awards program is designed to celebrate Canadians who are transforming business practices to create sustainable social and environmental change. Green Living has assembled a leadership team of judges including The Natural Step Canada, CIRAIG (Interuniversity Research Centre for the Life Cycle of Products, Processes and Services), Pembina Institute and Jantzi-Sustainalytics.

The awards categories include individuals and teams in large and small organizations across different industries, as well as those at different levels of influence within the company. People who have demonstrated leadership and commitment in transforming business are encouraged to enter.
The entry deadline is 6pm EST June 24, 2011. Winners will be announced at a gala event following the 9th Annual CBSR Summit October 26, 2011.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Container Gardening Workshop at Beit Zatoun

Beit Zatoun House is having a seasonal and topical event this Saturday afternoon...From Container to Plate is a workshop on container gardening:

"Never too Late (in the season) or too Small (a space) to...
Grow herbs, tomatoes, other edibles - on your balcony, window-sill, anywhere!

No gardening experience necessary. All are welcome
Learn the "how to's" of container gardening; bring home a new edible garden.

Materials provided: potting soil, seeds, seedlings

To bring:
- Small container for planting and take home (e.g. yogurt or take-out container)
- admission "Olive Tree" to be planted in Palestine.
- Each $5 donation buys a 3-year-old seedling to be planted by the Trees for Life Palestine program. All proceeds will be donated."

Friday, 17 June 2011

Student Anti-Mining Activist Assasinated (MingingWatch Canada Alert)

From the Latin America Program of MiningWatch Canada:

ACTION ALERT June 17, 2011

Student Anti-Mining Activist Assassinated
Call on the Attorney General and the Minister of Security to Begin an Investigation Immediately!

With heavy hearts, we report that Juan Francisco Durán Ayala, anti-mining activist and university student, has been murdered (background information below). Join the Environmental Committee of Cabañas (CAC) and Juan Francisco's family in calling on the Attorney General and National Civilian Police to carry out an exhaustive investigation into the material and intellectual authors of this brutal murder and to and protect the lives of all anti-mining activists in El Salvador.  We will not remain silent while the murders of Juan Francisco, Marcelo Rivera, Ramiro Rivera, Dora Alicia Sorto, and the threats against Radio Victoria remain in impunity!


1. If you speak Spanish, call Salvadoran Attorney General Romeo Barahona at 011-503-2230-6350 to demand a full investigation into the murders of Juan Francisco, Marcelo Rivera, Ramiro Rivera and Dora Alicia Sorto. Sample script below.

2. Email the Attorney General Romeo Barahona and Minister of Justice and Security Manuel Melgar to demand investigations into these murders and threats against the anti-mining activists of Cabañas.

Call Script for Attorney General Barahona (direct number for his assistant, Héctor Burgos: 011-503-2230-6350):

Buenos (días/tardes)

Mi nombre es ___ y llamo para expresar mi indignación sobre el asesinato de Juan Francisco Durán Ayala y la violencia contra líderes sociales en Cabañas.

Urge una investigación profunda sobre el asesinato del Señor Durán Ayala con un equipo especializado, y así también es necesario re-abrir los casos de Marcelo Rivera, Dora Alicia Sorto y Ramiro Rivera para investigar vínculos entre estos caso, los asesinatos de Darwin Serrano y Gerardo Abrego León, las nuevas amenazas contra el personal de Radio Victoria y la desaparición del Señor Durán Ayala.

El hecho de que la violencia y amenazas anteriores quedaron en impunidad ha permitido que surgieran los nuevos hechos de violencia. Pido que el Fiscal General tome las medidas necesarias para asegurar justicia y protección para las y los afectados.



On June 2, in the city of Ilobasco, Cabañas, thirty year-old Juan Francisco was hanging flyers and banners as part of a CAC campaign against mining and the Canadian mining company Pacific Rim. The CAC reports that Ilobasco's mayor, José Maria Dimas Castellano, ordered municipal police to remove the banners and intimidate the activists hanging them. The next day Juan Francisco left for his classes at the Technological University in San Salvador and was not heard from again. His body was found after midnight on June 4; he had been shot twice in the head, execution style. The Medical Examiner declared his body "unidentifiable" and buried him in a common grave in San Salvador.  The following week, CAC members visited the morgue and learned that Juan Francisco's body had been found.  His father positively identified his son´s body on June 14.

Juan Francisco's murder comes two years after the brutal torture and killing of community leader and anti-mining activist Marcelo Rivera Since then, two other anti-mining activists have been killed, Dora Alicia Sorto and Ramiro Rivera, and death threats and attempts continue against anti-mining activists, particularly the youth journalists of the Radio Victoria collective. As long as the intellectual authors of these crimes remain unpunished, impunity and violence will continue to reign in Cabañas.

For more information, see

Monday, 13 June 2011

InSpirt Summer 2011 at Urban Edge Yoga

Urban Edge Yoga is hosting a string of spiritual talks this month as part of InSpirt Summber 2011.

Reincarnation - Womb after Womb, Fact of Fiction? starts things off on Thursday evening, the 16th:

"Is it possible that we have been traversing the Universe life after life?
Devamrita Swami, a monk, author and Yale graduate has explored the science of reincarnation for several decades and will be sharing with us his extensive research and deep spiritual insights. If you want to gain real control over your destiny, you must understand reincarnation and how it works."

And the series concludes on the 23rd with The Vegan Revolution and Beyond - Consciousness Cooking:

"Devamrita Swami is a Monk, who has been travelling around the globe for over 40 years encouraging people to embrace an animal friendly vegan lifestyle, being more conscious of our environment, both material and spiritual. He is the founder of Institute of sustainability in New Zealand and is visiting us this summer for a special workshop. Join us as he takes us to a dimension beyond health and animal rights, the dimension of higher consciousness. He will present to us how the consciousness is a key ingredient of the food we eat and the people we become."

In between, you can find out about the Gita, Karma, love, or intelligent life on other planets...

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Buddies in Bad Times' Queer Pride 2011, June 13 to July 3

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre presents Queer Pride 2011, a "community-focused festival of queer comedy, theatre, music and parties...

For three weeks, Buddies throws open its doors for a joyous celebration of our diverse queer community. We welcome queers who crave adventures beyond the expected, artists who refuse to conform and communities who will not allow themselves to be silenced. On the Buddies' stage, you will find a stellar line-up of some of Toronto's most exciting queer entertainers, while Buddies After Hours offers up the most outrageous clubbing in the village.

So, come catch a show and dance until last call. Come queer, come straight. Come as you are and feel the love at Buddies."