Sunday, 28 February 2010

Public launch of global site for McDonald's workers

Thinking this recent email from Eric Lee of LabourStart will be of interest here...

"McJobs -- we all know what those are.

One online source defines a McJob as "a low-paying, low-prestige job that requires few skills and offers very little chance of intracompany advancement".

McDonald's was never very happy about the use of this term.

In fact, the company bought the domain name "" just to make sure that no one could use it.

But they forget to acquire "" -- and the global union federation for food workers, the IUF, together with LabourStart, bought the name and today are pleased to announce the public launch of, the website for McDonald's workers around the world.

If you work in McDonald's, or know anyone who does, or are just curious, please do check it out"

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Some Feedback from Fresh: The Movie Screening

One of the participants at the latest TorontoTheBetter Movie Series screening gave us permission to repost some of his feedback:


... a really wonderful night, a great presentation also by Adam and I felt the people that were present, had the vibe I would like to be around more often! I am an artist/painter. I was in security since Nov. 2007...I am asking you if there is anyone who is hiring at the moment. I appreciate anything you can do to help. At present as well, though not all 'raw', I resonate with that lifestyle. Ideally, in the end, I would like to work in the area where people and food are interconnected. I have a lot of people experience, no food experience (jobwise). Eventually, I would also like to be in a home where permaculture exists and have others who are vegetarian/vegan/raw. I will attach both my CV and art CV for your perusal. I have not been in the art world for a few years; and I want to get back into that too!

...see you at the next movie night! (to the best of my ability).

Andrew Roth

Friday, 26 February 2010

Why This Fight Matters

You are invited you to "Iraq War Resisters in Canada: Why This Fight Matters" on Friday, March 19 at 6:30pm.
Event: Iraq War Resisters in Canada: Why This Fight Matters
       "An information update, social and fundraiser for the War Resisters Support Campaign"
What: Fundraiser
Start Time: Friday, March 19 at 6:30pm
End Time: Friday, March 19 at 9:00pm
Where: United Steelworkers Hall

Our fight to stop the Harper government from deporting war resisters continues. Come learn what's new in the Campaign and how you can support people of conscience seeking refuge in Canada.

Speakers will include lawyer Alyssa Manning and others tba.

Suggested donation $20, which includes dinner. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Transition from GET to GEO "proceeding beautifully" & related events...

It's been a while since I've reposted anything from Green Enterprise Toronto - the February 23, 2010 GEO Bulletin is full of news and should be of interest:

"The transition from GET to GEO is proceeding beautifully. GET Member Benefits and status will continue without any interruption. As we complete the re-branding and launch the new GEO website in the next couple of months, members will receive new GEO materials to replace your GET materials, and we’ll be informing you about valuable new member benefits including special rates on some of the inevitable costs of doing business.

New Ideas with Your Breakfast

This year’s GEO Breakfast Speaker Series, sponsored by the City of Toronto, will focus on green jobs and some of the companies that are creating them. The first event is April 20, at the Ontario Investment and Trade Centre (Yonge and Dundas).

Save the Date for the Plate

Green Enterprise Ontario is presenting the third annual Brewer’s Plate on Wednesday May 26th, celebrating the year-round excellence of local, sustainable food, food artisans, and Ontario's extraordinary craft beer. This year our distinguished Patron, David Crombie, will help us celebrate the launch of GEO. Building on the achievements of Green Enterprise Toronto, GEO will now reach out to establish affiliate GEO networks to advance sustainable business practices across the province. It’s a fundraiser for GEO, so join us for this Spring feast, network with a very influential crowd, and make it a business expense! Brewers Plate ticket sales available soon at

Ignite the Spark of Corporate Evolution April 1

GEO is delighted to co-sponsor SLX, the sustainability Leadership Exchange at MaRS, featuring B-Corp Co-founder Jay Cohen Gilbert. This exciting event, facilitated by InCourage, will introduce Toronto’s sustainable business community to B-Corp, the for-benefit corporation.

There are over two hundred companies in the US and Canada that have voluntarily revised their bylaws to include social and ecological benefits in their definition of the shareholder value they are obliged to deliver. Discover how businesses, investors, policymakers, and other organizations are using B Corp standards.

Your Innovative Idea Could win $50,000

Live Green Toronto has a new program called the Green Innovation Awards. It's a grant (up to $50K) for aspiring green-minded entrepreneurs. Go for it!

Green Edge Conference 10 Days Away: Focus on Clean Tech

Net Impact hosts the first annual GreenEdge conference at York University on Saturday, March 6, 2010. The main theme is clean technology with three areas of focus: Green building, renewable energy, and “base of the pyramid”. Speakers include Tyler Hamilton from the Toronto Star, Andrew Wilcox from Enwave, Anthony Santilli from Bullfrog Power, Nicolas Morgan from Morgan Solar, and many others. The keynote address will be delivered by Peter A. Victor, author of “Managing without Growth”.

Vendor/Sponsorship Opportunities in Three Green Expos

In keeping with Ontario’s focus on creating new opportunities for Green Businesses, 3 high profile Green Expos are being offered in 3 high growth communities: Green Expo Mississauga, Sheridan Centre, May 1; Green Expo Milton Milton Mall, May 15 and Ecofest Barrie June 12. This is an opportunity for those of us in the "green" industry to showcase our products and services to the communities we serve. Each Expo will feature our signature event, Trashfusion Design Contest, a fashion contest featuring wearable fashion made with 100% recycled materials. Visit and for details and vendor registration. 10% discount for GEO Members!

Be Part of the Eureka Exchange March 20

The Eureka Exchange is a new gateway to network, learn how to accelerate innovation and green your productivity. The Eureka Exchange brings together green innovations and technologies geared to enhance productivity for small and medium-sized businesses. Save money, create efficiencies and address the growing customer demand for green.

On March 20th 2010 the Eureka Exchange will host an Internet–based High Definition international TV broadcast. The launch will include speakers from around the world, business leaders and exciting ideas that are on the forefront of the green productivity revolution. Participate online without leaving the office – personal theatre at its best!

The question is not “will you participate”; it’s how you will be there! Don’t miss the chance to be part of the launch.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Belladonna, Sara Marlowe et al. perform for Toronto Women's Bookstore Fundraiser

Here's a great way to celebrate Women's Day:

Musical Fundraiser for the Toronto Women's Bookstore

Come out to the Tranzac Club for a music / art fundraiser to help save the Toronto Women's Bookstore!
You can also contribute by offering your art to the event.

Monday, March 8th
Doors Open: 7:30 pm Show Starts: 8:00 pm
Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Ave. Toronto
$10 - 20 sliding scale
Advance tickets available at the Toronto Women's Bookstore, 73 Harbord St.

VOLUNTEERS: If you would like to offer some time at the event to help with set up, clean up, staffing tables, etc. please email me and let me know what you can offer.

ARTISTS: We are also looking for art donations to add to a raffle / silent auction, door prizes. Please email me if you would like to contribute anything - paintings, photography, jewelry, poetry, etc. (all artists names will be prominently displayed at the event)


Performer Line-up:
Raging Asian Women -
Evalyn Parry -
Belladonna -
George Hewison -
Sara Marlowe & the Program -
Roberta Mohler (Nia dance) -

Artists: (so far...)
Cathie Redmond
Suanne Gorenflo (Eco Greeting cards)
Meghan McMaster

Thursday, 18 February 2010


I don't think I've reposted anything about one of our earliest members in a long time, if ever; so here goes:

The Catalyst Centre is pleased to announce the launch of a School of Activism: A series of workshops to support activists, community development practitioners and anyone interested in social change.

All our workshops and courses are based on a recommended fee with a Pay What You Can option.

And please check out our website for more information, announcements and resources which we are adding all the time.


A recent email callout from the G8/G20 Toronto Community Mobilization Network:

The Group of 8 Leaders and the Group of 20 Leaders are meeting in
Ontario, from the 25th to the 27th of June, 2010.

Following the collapse of the Copenhagen Climate Summit, they will be
discussing the global economy, development and climate change.
These gatherings are about trying to fix capitalism, a system that
cannot be fixed; about creating unsustainable trading solutions to
ecological catastrophe; about ensuring the continued exploitation of
people of colour and the South and about celebrating war as a means to
create puppet allies and maintain imperialist power. The so-called
leaders at these gatherings do not represent us.

In opposition and with a will to transform, people across Turtle
Island are organizing community-based days of action in Toronto,
Canada. The days of action will be led by Toronto-based organizations
of people of colour, indigenous peoples, women, the poor, the working
class, queer and trans people and disabled people.

We will organize for these days of action by deepening our roots. With
sisters, brothers, friends and allies, we will shut down the places,
the systems and the ideas that exploit and exclude us.

In their place, we will creatively build the world we wish to live in.
A world with self-determination for indigenous peoples; climate
justice; income equity and community control over resources; migrant
justice and an end to war and occupation.

Change does not come from markets or from so-called negotiations.
Change comes from people making decisions for themselves. We call upon
communities of resistance everywhere to continue to build their local

Join us in Toronto in June 2010 to share your ideas and strategies!
On these days, we call for Days of Action across the world that
showcase solutions from the ground up.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


The Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) is calling for nominations for the following awards, which will be presented at CCA's National Congress in Vancouver on June 15.

- The Canadian Co-operative Achievement Award, which honours outstanding individual contributions to the co-operative movement in Canada.

- The Global Co-operator Award, which honours an individual or organization who has consistently demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the international development work of CCA and the Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada. This will be the first year in which organizations as well as individuals are eligible for this award.

- Canadian Co-operative Hall of Fame Pioneer Inductees, recognizing deceased individuals who were fundamental in shaping co-operation in Canada. This builds upon last year's Greatest Canadian Co-operator competition and the induction of 14 co-op pioneers into the Canadian Co-operative Hall of Fame.

The nomination deadline for these three awards is April 9, 2010.

If you are planning to enter the competition for CCA's Co-operative Governance Awards, the deadline is February 26.

For more information, visit the CCA's Awards page.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

no one is illegal toronto news: City is a Sweatshop! May Day! G8/20 Resistance!

A recent email announcement from no one is illegal toronto:


********** March 19-21, 2010: The City is a Sweatshop
********** May 1, 2010: 5th Annual No One Is Illegal! May Day of Action
********** June 25-27, 2010: G8/20 Leaders Summit – Toronto

Outraged by the global suffering and displacement caused by large
corporations based in cities like Toronto.

Knowing that corporations profit from war, occupation, environmental
catastrophe and the poverty of poor people worldwide.

Enraged by the mistreatment of migrants by these same corporations
that pay low wages, deny rights and exploit people.

No One Is Illegal-Toronto is organizing days of education, community
building and idea sharing, ‘The City is a Sweatshop’, from March
19-21, 2010.


Convinced that organized communities can win radical demands and
create real alternatives.

Believing that the struggle for Status for All is the struggle for
good jobs, housing, food, education, shelter, freedom, justice and
dignity for all people.

No One Is Illegal-Toronto calls its supporters and allies to take to
the streets to demand Status for All on the 5th Annual May Day of
Action – May 1, 2010!

No One Is Illegal! May Day of Action:

Convinced that struggles for climate justice, for income equity, for
an end to war and occupation, for the right to move, for Indigenous
sovereignty, and for the ability to participate in decisions that
impact our lives, are all linked.

Ready to embark on a new journey of collective struggle in the face of
global destruction.

No One Is Illegal-Toronto will join community organizations from
across Turtle Island to mobilize against the meeting of the G8/G20
'leaders' - June 25-27, 2010.

Sign up here!
Next Meeting: February 21, 2010, 11am, 25 Cecil Street
G8 & G20 2010 Toronto: (please link to your website)


********** March 19-21, 2010: Sweatshop City No More
********** May 1, 2010: No One Is Illegal! May Day of Action
********** June 25-27, 2010: G8/20 Leaders Summit – Toronto


No One Is Illegal-Toronto
Visit our website!

Join our low traffic announcements list,

No One Is Illegal (Toronto) is a grassroots group of migrants and
allies who fight for the rights of all to live with dignity and
respect. We believe that granting citizenship to a privileged few is
part of a racist immigration and border policy designed to exploit and
marginalize migrants. We work to oppose these policies, as well as the
international economic and environmental policies that create the
conditions of poverty and war that force migration. We work to support
and build alliances with Indigenous peoples in their fight against
colonialism, displacement and the ongoing occupation of their land.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

RadioLabour launches February 2010

A recent email from Eric Lee of LabourStart announced...

"A new weekly presentation of international labour news is being organized on the Internet.

The audiocast - called Solidarity News - will be available on every Monday morning.

RadioLabour is the brainchild of Marc Belanger -- the founder of SoliNet, which was the first trade union online network back in the 1980s.

Solidarity News will focus on union and workers' activities and issues from around the world with special emphasis on emerging market and developing countries.

RadioLabour reporters will provide regular weekly presentations, but a special feature of the audiocast will be reports from unionists who want to report on particular events or publicize an activity of their organization.

Scripts of the audiocasts will be available as aids for unionists who want to learn the use of English as an additional language in the international labour movement.

For more information about RadioLabour, listen to the audiocasts, or provide reports, visit the RadioLabour site. Or write directly to Marc at"

"Monsanto is at it again..."

After the latest TorontoTheBetter Movie Screening, we received this message from ana Sofia joanes, the maker of Fresh the movie - New thinking about what we're eating:

"Hi Taodhg,

Genetic food giant Monsanto is at it again. Its next target: a new product that could eliminate all organic alfalfa, a key food for raising organic-fed cows and pigs without any genetic engineering.

The USDA is well on its way to approving Monsanto's genetically modified alfalfa. In its own report, the USDA says that not enough consumers care enough about organic foods for the USDA to block Monsanto's modified alfalfa seeds. [1] This is absurd since one of the main reasons people buy organic food is to avoid genetically engineered crops.

The USDA is only accepting public comments for the next two weeks. We need you to write to the USDA right now and tell them they must not approve Monsanto's mutant alfalfa. We'll deliver your comments before the deadline. [2]

Alfafa is one of the major food sources for certified organic animals, not only because of its quality as forage, but because Monsanto's patented genes are already found in 95% of soybeans and 80% of corn. If the USDA lets Monsanto sell its new alfalfa, it will inevitably overtake organic alfalfa crops through the natural pollination process. [3] As a result organic farmers may be feeding their cows genetically modified food.

Just like its corn and soy, Monsanto's alfalfa is designed to tolerate its leading herbicide: Roundup. We can't allow Monsanto's greed to take-over one more crop. The consequences to our choice as consumer, to biological diversity, to the survival of our small and organic farmers depends are too dire.

Monsanto's domination of our food must stop. For the USDA to shrug it off like nobody cares is to add insult to injury. We only have two weeks to submit our comments.The fight for FRESH food will continue, and with your help we'll make it clear that people care about the food they eat.

The fight for FRESH food will continue, and with your help we'll make it clear that people care about the food they eat.

Thanks for all you do.

ana Sofia joanes
FRESH the Movie



1. United States Department of Agriculture. Glyphosate-Tolerant Alfalfa Events J101 and J163: Request for Nonregulated Status. Draft Environmental Impact Statement-November 2009. P.T-2.
2. Docket: APHIS-2007-0044: USDA Seeks Public Comment on Genetically Engineered Alfalfa
3. United States Department of Agriculture. Glyphosate-Tolerant Alfalfa Events J101 and J163: Request for Nonregulated Status. Draft Environmental Impact Statement-November 2009. P.95.