Sunday, 25 March 2007

Book Launch: Another World Is Possible (2nd Edition)

Come to the launch of the second edition of Another World is Possible: Globalization and Anti-Capitalism by David McNally

When: Wednesday, 28 March 2007, 4-6 PM

Where: Senior Common Room, Founders College,
York University (4700 Keele Street, Toronto)

What are the roots of the anti-corporate globalization movement, and where
is it going?

Another World Is Possible traces the movement's progress
since 1994, and makes the case for the continued development of its
anti-capitalist analysis and activism. Drawing on the experiences of
radical movements of workers, peasants, and indigenous peoples in many
countries, McNally sketches out an alternative, deeply radical politics based
on diversity, internationalism, and moving beyond commodification and the

David McNally shares these hopes and the passion with which
activists have voiced them. But he also offers the kind of lucid and
penetrating analysis the movements need to make the best use of the
resources available to them. Written in a clear and engaging style,
Another World Is Possible will be an invaluable asset to all those engaged
in the movements, as well as those who simply want to understand 'anti-capitalism' and the world it wants to

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Wal-Town Project fights the Walmartification of Canada

A project of uberculture, "a non-profit collective committed to reclaiming culture by supporting independent, political art and challenging corporations that endanger free expression", the Wal-Town Project has completed three Cross-Canada tours of towns impacted by Wal-Mart.

See the results of their research and networking in Wal-Town: The Film.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Workers Gone Wild! - Resist bosses PWYC movie screening- Thurs. March 22nd

- A fascinating and intimate film where maquiladora workers create political change using undercover videocams.

WHEN?: Thursday March 22nd. 7.15pm
WHERE?: Tinto Coffee House, 89 Roncesvalles (N. of Queen)

**SPECIAL BONUS MOVIE : "Together We Win: The Fight to Organize Starbucks"**

Pay What You Can movies, Organic Fair Trade Food, Guest Speakers, Free Books.

See here for complete movie series information.
Maquilapolis Description:
"As Carmen and a million other maquiladora workers produce televisions,
electrical cables, toys, clothes, batteries and IV tubes, they weave the very
fabric of life for consumer nations. They also confront labor violations,
environmental devastation and urban chaos -- life on the frontier of the global
economy. In MAQUILAPOLIS, Carmen and her colleague Lourdes reach beyond the
daily struggle for survival to organize for change: Carmen takes a major
television manufacturer to task for violating her labor rights. Lourdes
pressures the government to clean up a toxic waste dump left behind by a
departing factory."

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

First Birthday Party for Mercury Organic Espresso Bar

This arrived in our MySpaceBulletin Space from Matthew at Mercury Organic Espresso Bar:


Hey Everyone!

Today is Mercury's fisrt birthday and what a year it's been! WOW! We're all very excited about this and want to show our appreciation to everyone that has supported us during this first year of crazy goats and rock and roll. SO, this weekend(March 24 & 25), we'll be rockin' out with all sorts of live music. Band's like Barons & Lengthy, Cam Whitesell, Randy of Leslieville, Mark Howard & Wayne Plumton, Andy McGorman and
Soup Kitchen Line-Up. Maybe more........ we don't know. Anything can happen. We'll also have a birthday cake and Alice will be painting faces. Fun for the whole fam! I hope to see everyone . It'll be a blast!!

Rock on!
Matthew and the Mercury Staff

Brunswick Theatre makes pledge for renewable energy

Just in case anyone missed it, there's a good little interview in last week's NOW Magazine with Scott Gilbert, manager of the Brunswick Theatre.

The online version has additional audio clips, but what really caught my attention is that the theatre will apparently purchase one percent of it's energy use from renewable sources for every membership sold:

"What do you get for that $20/month membership?

Unlimited access to all our programming, free DVD rentals (we rent many of the films we're screening), reserved seating. Plus, we're pegging it to renewable energy use. For every membership we sell, we'll guarantee that 1 per cent of our energy will come from a renewable source. We won't put a turbine on our roof, but we will purchase the equivalent amount of energy from a wind farm and have it added to Ontario's power grid. "

Monday, 19 March 2007


Job Title: Public Policy/Research Interns (paid)

Organization: Service Employees International Union

Region: Greater Toronto Area

Description: Are you looking for a fast-paced, hands-on internship? Are
you trying to understand how to help unions build power in today’s
changing corporate environment?The Service Employees International union
is looking for research and policy interns for Summer 2007 (May-September)
to work with our National office to help develop strategic corporate
campaigns to help organize childcare workers and cleaners across
Canada.SEIU is the fastest-growing union in North America, with 1.8
million members in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. SEIU
members are winning better wages, health care, and more secure jobs for
our communities, while uniting their strength with their counterparts
around the world to help ensure that workers, not just corporations and
CEOs, benefit from today's global economy. Interns for Summer 2007 will
have a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the SEIU’s ground
breaking organizing strategies and help advance important campaigns. A
workplan for each internship will be
developed based on the intern’s experience and interest. Qualifications
include:• Excellent written and oral communications skills; • Excellent MS
Office skills (Excel and Access); • Interest in community and labor
organizing; • Ability to work independently in a fast-paced office, under
deadlines.Willing to develop internship for course credit. 20+ hours per
week are desired. SEIU is an equal opportunity employer.

*Applications will
be accepted on a rolling basis, with preference given to applicants who
are able to begin immediately. If interested, please email or fax a cover
letter, resume, brief writing sample, school transcripts and contact
information for two references to:

Contact: Maya Bhullar
Phone: 416-201-2976

Tuesday, 13 March 2007


George Brown College's 15th Annual Labour Fair,Contract This! Worker-Friendly Environments, will take place from Monday, March 19 to Friday, March 23.

Highlights Of The Fair:

· “Life… Or A Living” – An interactive display on the struggle, over the
past 150 years, to make Canadian workplaces safer. This history of
Occupational Health and Safety in Canada was developed by the Workers’
Arts and Heritage Centre, Hamilton, Ontario

· Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge, Working Image,
internationally-recognized photographers,, present
“Ill Wind”, a show of images acted and produced by health care workers
about how the health care system prevents them from giving their patients
the care they need.

· The Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble, with Jani Lauzon, Michelle St John
and Cheri Maracle, present “The Triple Truth”, a play about Aboriginal
people at work in North America.

· John Cartwright, President, and/or Thadsha Navimanakkan, Toronto and
York Region Labour Council, will speak on “Social Activism and Community
Unionism: Labour Council’s Minimum Wage Campaign”.

For more information, visit the fair website.

Brunswick Theatre Listings, March 14-31, 2007

Here are the movie listings for the rest of March that will be held at the Brunswick Theatre, Toronto's newest cinema,located on the second floor of 296 Brunswick Ave.

Tickets are $10 per screening. Visit online at or call
647-282-3627 tolearn about discounted ticket options.


March 14:
7pm - The Future of Food
9:30pm - Iraq for Sale

March 15:
7pm - The Root of All Evil?
9:30 - Show us your shorts

March 16:
7pm - Palestine Trilogy, with b.h. Yael
9pm - Rachel Corrie: An American Conscience

March 17:
2pm - Battleground
4:30pm - Thirst
7pm - The Root of All Evil?
9:30pm - Jesus Camp

March 18:
2pm - Big Bucks, Big Pharma
4:30pm - No Logo
7pm - The Root of All Evil?
9:30 - Jesus Camp

March 19:
7pm - Jesus Camp
9:30 - Root of All Evil?

March 20:
7pm - Jesus Camp
9:30 - Root of All Evil?

March 21:
7pm - Root of All Evil?
9:30pm - Big Bucks, Big Pharma

March 22:
7pm - Root of All Evil?
9:30pm - Show us your shorts

March 23:
7pm - Pusher
9:15pm - Pusher II: With Blood on My Hands
11:15pm - Pusher III: I'm the Angel of Death

March 24:
2pm - No Logo
7pm - Pusher
9:15pm - Pusher II: With Blood on My Hands
11:15pm - Pusher III: I'm the Angel of Death

March 25:
2pm - Rachel Corrie: An American Conscience
4:30pm - Battleground
7pm - Thirst
9:30pm - No Logo

March 26:
7pm - Canada's Inconvenient Truth (with speaker: Walt Palmer)
9:30pm - Rachel Corrie: An American Conscience

March 27:
7pm - Homeless Count
9:30pm - Big Bucks, Big Pharma

March 28:
7pm - Homeless Count
9:30pm - Trading Women

March 29:
7pm - Rachel Corrie: An American Conscience
9:30 - Show us your shorts

March 30:
7pm - Fair Trade and Social Justice (with speaker: Stacey Toews)
9:30pm - Manufacturing Terror: 9/11 & the Toronto 17 (with speaker: Michael Keefer)

March 31:
2pm - Rachel Corrie: An American Conscience
4:30pm - Loose Change
7pm - Manufacturing Terror: 9/11 & the Toronto 17 (with speaker: Michael Keefer)
9:30 - Rachel Corrie: An American Conscience

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Part of the Solution...OISE/UT researcher presents case study of WindShare


The Community Development Collaborative Program (UT), the Transformative Learning Centre, the Social Economy Centre and the Adult Education and Community Development Program (OISE/UT) present...

"Part of the Solution":
The role of community-based green co-operatives in advancing sustainable development and energy literacy

Fiona Duguid,
WindShare Co-operative and doctoral candidate (WALL research assistant), University of Toronto

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
12.00-1.30 pm
OISE/UT, 252 Bloor St West
Room 7-162

After five years of development, WindShare Co-operative in Toronto, Ontario became the first urban wind turbine in North America and the first co-operatively owned and operated wind turbine in Canada. The development of WindShare Co-operative has spurred the growth of a green energy co-operative sector in Ontario.

This presentation, which draws on 27 interviews and a focus group with members of WindShare Co-operative, focuses on the roles of community-based green energy co-operatives in advancing sustainable energy development and energy literacy.

Fiona Duguid is completing her doctorate in the Adult Education department at the Ontario Institute for the Study of Education at the University of Toronto. Her research looks at sustainable energy development through green energy co-operatives. She is working with WindShare Co-operative and with the Toronto Renewable Energy Co-operative.

Friday, 2 March 2007 needs you!

This comes from JP Davidson at GreenDeals:, a recently launched Toronto-based environmental website, is looking for submissions and participation from Toronto's green community. Everyday provides links to products, services and government incentives that can save you money while preserving the environment. We want to build an online community around the idea that you don't need to be rich to be green. By commenting on posts or by sharing opinions and deals through our discussion forums you'll help others discern between a great find and greenwash. The latest discussions are always prominently displayed on the front page and the best deals from the forum will be shared there too.

Don't be shy, join in and help spread the word on affordable environmentalism!

Please see below for ways you can participate.

Thank you very much,

JP Davidson - Good for the Pocketbook, Good for the Planet.

Ways you can participate:

Email us with deals, stores we should feature or anything else that comes to mind:

Participate in our discussion forum:

Visit the site and submit your comments:

Subscribe to

Bike Fridays 2007 starts March 30th

This comes from Joe at Biking Toronto:

BikeFriday is in 4 weeks!

BikeFriday ( is an initiative to promote bike events happening in Toronto on the last friday of every month, with the aim of turning that day into a de facto Bike Day that happens once a month. Citizens, politicians and businesses in Toronto all want our air to be cleaner, or streets to be less congested, and our kids to be healthier. A good way to help achieve these goals is to promote the bicycle as a way of making short trips around the city. Please consider running or taking part in a BikeFriday bike event to help promote regular and every bicycle use in our city. This can include anything at all - as long as it's bike-related. Some ideas include bike maintenance workshops, a free coffee/breakfast treat location for bike-commuters, group commutes, recreational group rides, discounts for cyclists in stores, etc.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me at