Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Brunswick Theatre makes pledge for renewable energy

Just in case anyone missed it, there's a good little interview in last week's NOW Magazine with Scott Gilbert, manager of the Brunswick Theatre.

The online version has additional audio clips, but what really caught my attention is that the theatre will apparently purchase one percent of it's energy use from renewable sources for every membership sold:

"What do you get for that $20/month membership?

Unlimited access to all our programming, free DVD rentals (we rent many of the films we're screening), reserved seating. Plus, we're pegging it to renewable energy use. For every membership we sell, we'll guarantee that 1 per cent of our energy will come from a renewable source. We won't put a turbine on our roof, but we will purchase the equivalent amount of energy from a wind farm and have it added to Ontario's power grid. "

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