Friday, 2 March 2007

Bike Fridays 2007 starts March 30th

This comes from Joe at Biking Toronto:

BikeFriday is in 4 weeks!

BikeFriday ( is an initiative to promote bike events happening in Toronto on the last friday of every month, with the aim of turning that day into a de facto Bike Day that happens once a month. Citizens, politicians and businesses in Toronto all want our air to be cleaner, or streets to be less congested, and our kids to be healthier. A good way to help achieve these goals is to promote the bicycle as a way of making short trips around the city. Please consider running or taking part in a BikeFriday bike event to help promote regular and every bicycle use in our city. This can include anything at all - as long as it's bike-related. Some ideas include bike maintenance workshops, a free coffee/breakfast treat location for bike-commuters, group commutes, recreational group rides, discounts for cyclists in stores, etc.

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