Monday, 11 June 2018

IceScreaminBrothers - Really sweet all-Canadian social enterprise

Ok - none of this makes sense, but when last weekend we visited Goodness Me in Mississauga, the GTA's very own locally sourcing "whole foods" store we found some of the best ice cream we have ever tasted. That it's made in Lethbridge, Alberta rather than Toronto seems irrelevant when it tastes this good. That it is made by school-age Canadian kids just adds to the spice. And that the "Screaming Brothers" themselves make contributions to local food banks and social benefit organizations was the clincher for our willingness to feature them here. As an Alberta based enterprise they cannot be listed in our Directory, so  let's say we hereby make them honoraryTorontotheBetterans. Here they are the boys in their "working" clothes:


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