Friday, 12 January 2018

Middle class bullshit continues

At some point repeating the same phrase endlessly should get embarrassing. Apparently it still hasn't for Canada's leading party. For the record the middle class is not a dinner party and you can't "join" it. That's why few ever do. Middle income is NOT middle class, which comes with the habit of power, power over. The parrott-ers of the Liberal class analysis (2 classes only and the difference between those who are there and those who are not working hard enough to be there) either don't understand reality or are happy to promote an illusion; let's call it the Canadian Dream..   

On shitholes - the American ones

As travellers in the land of the free (for some), many of us have been to some of them: the shithole American towns where the poor have to live. There's not a Whole Foods in sight, just regular people trying to live decent lives with the class chips of stacked against them. Solidarity with them as we do our best for a truly social economy.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

New economy - join TorontotheBetter and the Commons Transition movement

As resistance to the social and environmental ravages of the old growth and private interest economy grows TorontotheBetter is pleased to announce its support for new economy ally the Commons Transition. Before we get where we want to go - a collaborative world of equal opportunity and outcomes for all we have to bridge the divide between there and here. The Commons Transition provides many resources for those who want to join us on the journey. For an intro to the Commons Transition initiative see the video We're All in This Together from En Commun, Barcelona.
And for what's new in Toronto's social economy check our directory at

Saturday, 2 December 2017

From People's Car to "corporate car"? - update on the threat to Ontario's original non-profit carshare co-op

Despite a narrow recent vote to continue with the transfer of all Community Carshare (formerly People's Car) assets to a for-profit corporation dissident carshare members have come together to fight the takeover and maintain a democratic local carshare in their community. Stay tuned to this space for ongoing developments and/or contact

TorontotheBetter 's 2017 Holiday Message. Consumer Choices: v. Real Choices for a better world

Buy Less and Buy Better - Support a "Real Growth" economy
 "CHOICES": cars, pets, appliances, cosmetics -  things that  support "Growth" ..."Santa" may allow some of these to some of us.
REAL CHOICES:  Solidarity with the oppressed like these tired workers churning out fake elves to ship overseas. More equality, Environmental protection, Respect for all genders, No export of our waste....These support Real Growth, like clean air, water and land, dignity at work and happiness for all. "Santa" won't give us these; we must fight for them and they're daily, not just holiday priorities.  
* For  anything you really have to buy choose from the many social suppliers listed in our TorontotheBettter Directory, since 2004 Toronto's original online social economy directory. TorontotheBetter has long suppported a no sweatshop economy.As Tom Malleson from York University writes of Consumerism in a recent book, "There is something wrong - indeed pathological - about a society that puts consumption on a pedestal as the ultimate purpose of life." [Fired Up About Capitalism p.64 (available from your local public library or for purchase by email request to]

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Poor, homeless and pregnant...

These were the words of a shivering woman describing herself while dressed only in a T-shirt and jeans on a cold, blustery evening outside my local convenience store at Yonge and Dundas streets in Toronto yesterday. I gave her a dollar. It's not enough. And that's not just the money. She followed me into the store and said the same words to those waiting, They denied the appeal in her words. I am reading a new Canadian book by Ajamu Nangwaya called "Why Don't the Poor Rise Up?". Ignored and rejected the woman left. When I did too, hoping and ready to do more, she was gone.