Thursday 16 May 2024


Dental Care is Healthcare

The need for dental care starts from birth but it continues lifelong. Typically of certain Canadian governments important new social initiatives like 2024's proposed dental care support plan are big on PR but so limited as to further exclude majority demographics. Better a dentacare programme than none, yes, but make it available to all, without age restriction and make it mandatory not voluntary for care providers. Tell your dentist and elected officials that dental care is healthcare and dentists must be required to participate. If not Canada's current dental victimization will continue.


Friday 19 January 2024


Brazil: Football, Coffee, Inequality

 Brazil is huge and known worldwide for football/aka soccer. . It is also the world’s major coffee producer and one of the most unequal countries in the world with thousands working in poor conditions to.produce leisure consumables for the better-off. Want to do something about it? Contact corporate critic SOMO - To learn more about Inequality in  Brazil visit

Saturday 13 January 2024


2024 Environmentalism in a nutshell/ nickel mine

 From Power Nickel’s recent marketing campaign: “ we need 72 new nickel mines to meet projected 2040 EV demand. That’s great news for Power Nickel”. And for Canada’s fossil fuel targets? Maybe not so. No need to explain the dilemma that clearly does not exist for some companies…

Monday 4 December 2023


Enough Gaza bloodshed!

At times like the present when more blood is again being spilled in Gaza those at a distance who wish to have some influence on events can take economic action, as was done in the past in racially segregated South Africa. Those who choose to boycott can find information at while supporters of those victimized can purchase olive oil from Palestine at the Toronto stores listed at 

Friday 13 October 2023


Beyond bloodshed and dvision

At a time when the world is again riven with prejudice and its blood brother injustice it is more important than ever to work for openness, equality and preservation of our natiral world. TorontotheBetter calls on all to renew our justice campaign with whatever economic and communicattions weapons we have. We also servc to struggle for a better world who buy or donate. 


TorontotheBetter backs BlackOwnedToronto and welcomes Freedom Market enterprises

Thanks to BlackOwned Torontoo for the 2023 Freedom Market at Fort York. At TorontotheBetter we are dedicated to a better Toronto through sharing and inclusion and events like the annual Freedom Market helps us inform more of more opportunities to diversify and distribute Toronto's wealth.

Wednesday 27 September 2023


AI: good and bad

Media have recently been full of the laetest news about artificial humanoid capacities like natural (better called natural seeming) language.Yes AI can do some things like humans and sometimes bettter than. But there is a social upside to the dangers: if machines canb do it there is nothing so remarkable about human intellectual skills which have often been the basis for aggression and injusstice. These skills can be analysed and programmed in to "dead" matter.If machines can do it, psople shouldn't be so superior about it. So, surprise, surprise, AI can make us more humble and contribute to a world based on human humility and solidarity.          

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