Sunday, 6 May 2018

TorontotheBetter greets the 2018 Homeless World Cup

2018 marks another year for the FIFA World Cup of football (aka soccer) the world's largest sporting event. This year the millionaire players of professional football will strut their stuff in Russia. Meanwhile, what is, we believe, an equally, if not more, important soccer celebration will take place in Mexico where teams made up of homeless volunteers from many countries will engage in fierce but friendly competition for the Homeless World Cup, a parallel event to the FIFA contest, that takes place annually to remind the world that by no means everyone has the chance to play and develop their life opportunities in the economic mainstream. For lack of sufficient affordable housing,Toronto, Canada's richest city, in one of the richest countries in the world,  is "home" to never diminishing numbers of homeless people.
Stay tuned to this space for reports from the Homeless World Cup, stating in August, 2018. TorontotheBetter is pleased to lend its support to initiatives that increase awareness and action to reduce a social scourge - homelessness - that continues to blight the potential of so many members of our community and others around the world. NOTE: though Canada has sent teams to previous homeless world cups we regret that it will not in 2018.    
We invite you to follow this blog for future posts and plans for future homeless world cup events in Toronto and beyond. 

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