Monday, 2 April 2018

TorontotheBetter Prepares for Inclusion of Marijuana Directory Listings.

With the legalization of Marijuana in Canada just a couple of months away TorontotheBetter is assessing existing services to determine which marjuana suppliers comply with our better  Toronto enterprise criteria. Though medical functions like pain management are clearly within our commitment to justice for all in the city in our view Marijuana has been to date unjustly prohibited to the detriment of those who can benefit from it, arguably for ethno-cultural rather than reasons of harmfulness. We expect our review to allow  us to add this new sector of enterprises to the scope  of our directory in time for their official legalization in July. A better Toronto is one which facilitates whatever healing agents can assist residents to live their lives to the fullest without unnecessary financial or legal impediments. Stay tuned to this  spot for announcements of  our first ToorntotheBetter marijuana suppliers.             

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