Friday, 13 April 2018

2018 Creative Commons Global Summit starts in Toronto today

The 2018 Creative Commons Global Summit begins in Toronto today
As leaders continue to fail us, be they Canada's Liberals with their impossible dream of uniting new pipeline development and environmental  preservation, Donald Trump's warmongering or Mark Zuckerberg's lame "dis-ingenuity"  about the corporate use of personal data by his Facebook corporation, a better option for the world continues to grow. For the second year in a row the Creative Commons organization  (, developers of the creative commons licensing process for responsible publishing, has brought to Toronto its global summit. And with it comes renewed commitment to a world relieved of the shackles of private enclosure in all its forms. 
Among many  other topics on day one summit a record number of international participants heard of the growing worldwide interest in open access and open source publication using creative commons licenses, both in scholarly and  popular settings, and as well about techniques for motivating personal and organizational creative commons initiatives. It is not fanciful now to think of a day when creative commons is the norm for publishing rather than  the exception. 

Perhaps most notable of all was the heavy institutional presence at the summit of libraries as agents of what can now reasonably called "the new commons movement." With a global installed base and a fast growing range of involvements, from "things", including tools and seeds, to people, the once "humble" library, i.e. the  "loaner-ship" model, appears to more and more as a socio-economic model that avoids many of the problems associated with ownership based economic systems, while building practical contributions to the common good.             

TorontotheBetter welcomes the Creative Commons to Toronto once again and will be posting on-site bulletins from each of the three days of the Summit  taking place on April 13 to 15, 2018.     

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