Sunday, 15 April 2018

Spreading the Movement: Day 2 highlights from Toronto Creative Commons Summit

Day 2 brought a crucial discussion about the struggle to spread the commons movement; the movement is building, but is still culturally marginal to mainstream property traditions.Two problems dominated audience contributions to the conversation: a continuing  ignorance, often poverty related, of creative commons licensing options, and the
lack of credibility, to many, of the open access creed. In short, we were asking ourselves '"how do we make the movement stronger?" Among the most effective methods voiced were adoption of open access by prominent organizations such as
universities and state bodies, and spontareous exemplary actions, funded if need be, by authors and creators. Our TorontotheBetter spokesman noted how the David of open access in healthcare research and publication had not yet slain the giants of traditional publishing but was making progress as more researchers and writers choose to make their work openly available to all. as readers, even those who are not writers, we should applaud and support those willing to make their ideas available to all, particularly in areas where they can have direct life or death consequences,      

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