Saturday, 2 December 2017

TorontotheBetter 's 2017 Holiday Message. Consumer Choices: v. Real Choices for a better world

Buy Less and Buy Better - Support a "Real Growth" economy
 "CHOICES": cars, pets, appliances, cosmetics -  things that  support "Growth" ..."Santa" may allow some of these to some of us.
REAL CHOICES:  Solidarity with the oppressed like these tired workers churning out fake elves to ship overseas. More equality, Environmental protection, Respect for all genders, No export of our waste....These support Real Growth, like clean air, water and land, dignity at work and happiness for all. "Santa" won't give us these; we must fight for them and they're daily, not just holiday priorities.  
* For  anything you really have to buy choose from the many social suppliers listed in our TorontotheBettter Directory, since 2004 Toronto's original online social economy directory. TorontotheBetter has long suppported a no sweatshop economy.As Tom Malleson from York University writes of Consumerism in a recent book, "There is something wrong - indeed pathological - about a society that puts consumption on a pedestal as the ultimate purpose of life." [Fired Up About Capitalism p.64 (available from your local public library or for purchase by email request to]

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Anonymous said...

Grow like Nature. Natural growth means renewal, not expansion or domination.