Monday, 1 May 2017

Creative Commons conference in Toronto-DAY 2: Co-ops and the Creative Commons: can the movements work together?

Like Torontothbetter many of those attending the Creative Commons Summit, and seeking copyright free access to knowledge, had their feet, and hearts, in both co-op and commons movements and want both to  succeed. In some ways, the Creative Commons movement is a generational and virtual translation of the co-op impulse to achieve an independent presence for the the hitherto voiceless, whether it be through economic action, as did/do the consumer and worker co-operatives of the 19th century and beyond, or through open communications as does the creative commons of our times.

For all  the overlapping historical ground  of the two movements, however, those at the co-ops and commons workshop at the 2017 Summit in Toronto on April 29, including representatives from Argentina, Japan, England, China, Poland, Australia, Chile, Canada, Tanzania, and the Netherlands, among other countries, the historical  and cultural differences of the two  movemennts were posed as challenges by TorontotheBetter. Co-operative priorities are democractic participation and solidarity, the commons' are opennesss and inclusion. These differences are not necessarily barriers to collaboration but can only enable deep solidarity if they are understood as distinct. On a positive note, and as a basis for concrete progress toward fuller collaboration, the audience at the workshop agreed that equality is a unifying principle that underlies both movements and offers a solid basis for collaborative action in the future.          

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