Thursday, 18 May 2017

Closing Words

Thank you readers and friends for tuning in and reading my blog posts this year. I learned a lot these past few terms about self motivation and finding the necessary assets to complete tasks. These tasks include making flyers, sending out emails to respective clients, and writing about hot topics in our community. My supervisor, Tim McGraw was very helpful in meeting with me to discuss assignments and how I could improve the quality of my work with a disciplined work ethic. I notably observed the importance of utilizing the assets already available to you like the library, FedEx Stores and home supplies when starting your own campaign or project in Toronto. Cruyff Court Toronto is expanding rapidly so make sure to check out our website at

Thank you. More pics on the way!


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Taodhg said...

Thanks for your contribution, this semester Maury. All the art work you submitted for your placement will soon be on our site.
For the record, our main site promoting Toronto's social economy is, where all those who want to can make a social contribution when they buy things, as we all do from time to time. Some Toronto businesses, 200+ of which you can find on our site, help all in Toronto to, in the words of a recent book by Ryerson teacher Joseph Tohill, "shop for change."
RedPanamericanaToronto as an offshoot of TorontotheBetter, is a site dedicated to building open access commons facility/facilities for under-served Toronto neighbourhoods like Jane/Finch, starting with the construction of Canada's first Cruyff Court community soccer field at Keele and Steeles.
This is Taodhg/Tim Burns for TorontotheBetter. Tim McGraw sounds like an alter ego. I would like to meet him.