Sunday, 26 February 2017

Markets, Being, Time and slow movement resistance


Slow food Toronto members  try to keep digestions (and lives) healthy

There's a reason everybody's short of time these days. Markets increasingly run on E-time while humans cannot. Not only does such frenetic and uncontrolled speed contribute to the kind of economic disaster the world experienced in 2008 but the toll on workers trying to maintain electronic production speeds is showing itself in an epidemic of stress related occupational injuries. There is no solution but adoption of the principle of slowness proposed by Slow Food Toronto []  and related movements. If we are to survive we must slow down. We were not built for the pace of today's post-industrial economy as it chases even greater returns in the same unit of time. Charlie Chaplin's  famous movie Modern Times, if updated, would a worker trying, and inevitably failing once again to keep cognitive pace with a computer chip, rather than, as in the original, a factory conveyor belt.   

And here's an example of how to do it.

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