Friday, 3 February 2017

For a Better Toronto: on Sat. Feb.4 12.30pm - Protest Islamophobia and social exclusion at the US Consulate in Toronto

A better Toronto requires a better World for all! TorontotheBetter invites you to join this action at 360 University Venue (West side south of Dundas St.).
Thanks to Noone Is Illegal for the following information.
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Dear friends,
A lot has happened since we last reached out. Over the past two weeks, we have seen a groundswell of resistance to the fear mongering and hatred ushered in by the U.S. president Donald Trump. In one day alone, tens of thousands of people marched in cities across Canada in support the Women’s March on Washington.
​Last weekend, when Trump signed executive orders full of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant policies, even the Canadian Prime Minister felt the need to tweet about it. Justin Trudeau’s social media stunt suggested the problem was down there and the solution up here, in the benevolent and peaceful Canada. But we know better.
On Sunday, January 29th, six Muslim men were gunned down in their place of worship. This was not the result of Islamophobia spreading north from the US, but rather emblematic of the true story of Canada, laid bare on blood-stained prayer mats in Quebec City.
The reality is this: While Justin Trudeau hides behind hollow platitudes and tweets of support for refugees, Canada has refused to make real policy changes to welcome anyone.
We are not fooled. Over the days, weeks and months to come, we must fight on all levels. This is our platform, and our pledge:
  • We will change federal immigration policy and ensure the regularization for undocumented residents.
  • We will end indefinite detentions and continue to fight deportations.
  • We will force provinces to step up, starting by refusing to house immigrants indefinitely in their prisons and eventually becoming Sanctuary Provinces.
  • And locally, we will build real sanctuary cities, ones that no policy change or political whim can break. Politicians have been patting themselves on the back about how welcoming their cities are, but only we can can turn a sanctuary city from a policy to a way of life.
Take a first step by signing this petition, calling your MP, and finding an event near you this weekend. Movements are built by organizations, and we urge you to become a member and donate.
The terror and war that Trudeau says Canada will provide refuge from is the same terror and war that Canada continues to participate in and profit from. Islamophobia was growing in Canada long before Trump’s rise to power and remains embedded in our society and our immigration system, which welcomes few and excludes many.
Like every Prime Minister before him, Trudeau has no interest in Indigenous self-determination and continues to allow widespread environmental destruction by supporting pipelines, tar sands, and Canadian mining corporations abroad. Like the US, Canada has a law and order agenda, specifically targeting Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, and racialized people. Indeed, by default, Canada is collaborating with the U.S. by not explicitly denouncing the racism, Islamophobia, and corporate greed of the new Trump government.
So here we are. Thousands of us will take to the streets this weekend as part of a National Day of Action to remember those who were slain and to say no to Islamophobia and white supremacy on both sides of the border. In these days of anger and mourning, we must come together and assert our collective power.
Many have asked, “what can we do in Canada?” We must demand that the Canadian government immediately condemn the executive orders signed by Trump to restrict or ban immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. We must pressure the Canadian government to change the policies that currently are keeping refugees out, and keeping immigrants in precarious situations. And finally, we must fortify sanctuary city policies and expand our efforts to create sanctuary provinces. Anything less is unacceptable.
Change will only come when we come together in struggle. Don’t let the platitudes fool you. Let’s fight to win.


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No One Is Illegal-Toronto is an all volunteer grassroots migrant justice organization that fights for decent livelihood, good food, education, healthcare, childcare, shelter, accessible services, freedom of movement, justice and dignity for all people, particularly undocumented and migrant worker communities in Toronto. We also act in solidarity with Indigenous movements for self-determination and organize against wars, economic and  environmental attacks that push people out of their homes in the first place.

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