Saturday, 19 November 2016

Programs and Resources for Jane and Finch

What most successful communities thrive on is a good upbringing. There are many Jane and Finch kids and teenagers who are willing to learn in school and want to lead successful lives when they get older. That's why I am raising awareness about programs like Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) and Respect in Schools Everywhere (RISE). SAVE is a U.S. program that originated in 1989 in Charlotte, Carolina (S.A.V.E., n.d). It was created by a group of students who wanted to commemorate their classmate who was killed trying to break up a fight at a party (S.A.V.E., n.d). Since its inception, SAVE has had youth public speakers advocate and lecture on conflict management, crime prevention and service projects all over America (S.A.V.E., n.d). Because it is led and delivered by students, SAVE has had a great impact on students lives in preventing youth violence and creating safer environments for students everywhere (S.A.V.E., n.d). Similarly, RISE is built upon the foundation that students should address violence and bullying in schools and has had major success in the Scarborough area (Porter, 2012). While one day workshops and seminars attempt to teach students about issues like gender and racial equality and criminality, it is a more meaningful experience when it is taught by fellow students and studies show that it has proven to be more effective (Porter, 2012). I think these programs would be great starting points to prevent more violence from happening in Jane and Finch and instill proper views unto the kids. Jane and Finch has a lot going for it being that it's so multicultural and that the children and adults have a strong sense of community. In addition, Jane and Finch could seriously benefit from more OW and health workers investing time into the neighborhood. It's not enough that we see people advocating for Jane and Finch online, but to have real hands on helpers involved in the community would seriously boost up the area's financial debt and mental health issues.

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Maury Cheskes

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