Friday, 21 October 2016

Toronto's Urban Decay - kind-of

OK - it's Halloween, but you can't make this stuff up. The latest Goth cosmetics to hit the malls is labelled "UD" [website link withheld in protest].  Amounts to: "She's so attractive when she's made up like she's poor" (as long as she isn't really poor.) Of course if she was poor she could not afford to dress up like she's poor. It's beyond irony. Let's call it sick. Urban decay is real, homesless people, no affordable housing, clogged and deteriorating roadways. Urban decay is real, not fantasy and I 'm pretty sure the guy I recently saw eating thrown away restaurant food (hope that's what it was) from the sidewalk on Spadina did not need any make-up to show he was poor. How about Urban Desperate as UD's next "look". Just in time for the holiday...

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