Thursday, 27 October 2016

Heyoo! This week, I visited the Toronto Azzuri Soccer club that was founded in 1968 and provides children with outdoor sports opportunities as well as life and skills mentorships. There I met with Peter Kovacs representing the club and he stressed that with better employment and educational opportunities, any impoverished neighbourhood can improve their image. I learned about Richard Asante who’s been around since TA’s conception and was born and raised in the Jane and Finch area. Asante went off to become the first draft pick of the Toronto FC and now has returned to Jane and Finch to teach at the Asante Soccer Academy affiliated with Toronto Azzuri. What I gathered from visiting the Azzuri organization was that soccer brings youth and adults together. Many people are passionate about the sport and willing to offer their time and focus in bringing it to Toronto. Help send out the message and make youth soccer more available to those in need. 

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