Thursday, 27 October 2016

Hey, back to you with more news on TorontoTheBetter. Today I gave out pamphlets and cards about our special initiative to promote Fair Trade in countries like Africa and India and around the world. A 2015 study by Tulane University shows that over two million children are working in inhumane conditions in the cocoa region of West Africa for companies like the Hershey Factory. Furthermore, child workers in Assam, India have been subjected to labor on tea plantations without the use of proper protective gear. Fair trade international has contributed annual inspections, made changes to the Worker Protection Standard and has even provided schooling for kids during the day, but much still needs to be done to prevent further abuses. Fairtrade even goes as far as empowering the organic food movement in countries like Brazil, India and the Philippines. The prevailing outcome is food systems growing stronger with a strong emphasis on value and culture. For more information please visit

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