Thursday, 27 October 2016

Aye there! If you didn't attend the Driftwood Festival this year you missed out. There was live music, health and safety handouts, an open basketball court plus dance and fresh food cooked right outside by local Jane and Finch residents. I was there on behalf of Cruyff Court Toronto. Cruyff Court Toronto named after the legendary soccer player seeks to build a soccer field in the Jane and Finch residence and it is open to all ages for people who have a love for the game. The purpose of this field is to provide a healthy outlook to the community while allowing local business entrepreneurs a chance to promote their ideas right around the corner to raise the community's social economy. I think Cruyff Court would largely support the Jane and Finch community. For starters, I asked a bunch of the residents there if they'd be interested and many told me that they only liked playing basketball. Adding a new sport to the area will bring new culture into the environment while also helping athletes develop their skills in a healthy team atmosphere. If you want to help, please make a donation at and help the Jane and Finch inhabitants bring a new game into their community!

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