Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Rana Plaza Disaster Remembered - global day of action on May 3. But does Toronto care?

3 years ago hundreds of Bangladeshi garment workers were killed or injured when the factory they worked at collapsed on top of them. Canadian organizations were contractors with the Rana Plaza factory. 3 Years have passed since then, but it's worth asking if life has improved for garment workers in Bangladesh and elsewhere. The answer, unfortunately, is not very much. And although many cities around the world will participate in a global day of action on May 3rd so far Toronto is not among them, it seems. To  demand change join the Demand Safe Factories Now! campaign at any H&M store near you.See  to get involved. In solidarity with garment and all workers everywhere TorontotheBetter calls for more than concern and ritual regrets. The still new Canadian government and others globally must act where previous administrations have not.


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