Monday, 28 December 2015

Don't work for nothing - say no to commercial packaging

Most of us won't work for nothing except when we choose a cause to volunteer for. But when we accept and carry company branded packaging, whether its shopping bags, buttons or other paraphernalia, that's what we're doing. Don't like working for nothing? Refuse the bags and/or use your own. If it's for a gift the no-commercial packaging suspense is greater for the lucky receiver and we all gain when we refuse to be hands for anything we haven't signed on to. In this  case not only aren't we paid, we actually pay the beneficiary! In these days we all have to buy something once in a while, but purchasing is usually not  endorsement. Make it clear to yourself and others by denying the baggage when you can. 
P.S. Think plain paper packaging is boring? Decorate it yourself. It's the thought that counts the most, after all.

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