Sunday, 6 December 2015

Beware Innovation

The chorus of innovation boosters has become so loud and repetitious in recent years in North America that it has become, in some ways, the new motherhood. How innovative is that! Well maybe not so. It would be no news to point out that not all that's innovative is new, let alone profound. In a commercial environment of  course anything new. aka innovative, is good to the extent that it may, by surprise, shake loose a few new dollars from the surprised. But the more significant truth is that commercial culture, through the leading agency of business schools and what we may call the MBA-ization of public discourse, has invaded non-commercial communication. The cost? Once again the public is being ideologically massaged to commercialize pretty much all cultural exchanges. Is this a degradation? If you believe that not everything can be sold, it is. Beware "innovation".

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