Friday, 28 August 2015

New Social Economy books signal end to neo-liberal era?

Two swallows do not a zeitgeist change make of course, but the appearance of recent Canadian books mounting a challenge to long uncontested neo-liberal assumptions is cause for celebration and, maybe, sign of new times. Do the current polls for Canada's federal election, showing a lead for the NDP's a somewhat social democratic but  heavily neoliberal revisionism in indicate a similar trend?

"Social Purpose Entterprises: Case Studies in Social Change" by Jack Quarter and colleagues at the University of Toronto Cantre for Learning, Social Economy and Work (formerly the Social Econnomy Centre) supplies important data about successfully operating Canadian social enterprises dedicated to nothing more than the "common good", For information about them and many similar community businesses check out our TorontotheBetter directory at

And in After Occupy: Economic Democracy for the 21st Century, University of  Western Ontario's Tom Malleson opposes neo-liberal  economic orthodoxy by making a case for economic democracy as both progressive and do-able. That one whole chapter in Malleson's book is devoted to worker co-operatives is, of course, music to  the ears of we worker co-operative members who bring you this blog and our TorontotheBetter programme. P.S. please tell the current government of Canada that things are changing.

Both of the above books are  available at a discount from TorontotheBetter - just email us to order them. Yes, you can probably get them cheaper somewhere else (nameless here but starts with A) but not from a unionized worker co-op like us. Act your values when you buy things, is our motto. Whenever we can we use TorontotheBetter businesses for our supplies.

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