Friday, 10 July 2015

The Pan-Am Games begin...let's talk about legacy

Much is being made in Toronto's Pan-Am Games promotional material about the legacy that the Games will leave the City. And certainly, like the World Cup and the Olympics and other mega-sporting events there will be an emotional lift  for a little while for those involved and the spectators remote and on-site. But as usual in such matters, promise is often at a distance from reality and the Canadian government's political agenda of austerity bellies the hoopla. For instance, new games facilities are being added, but often in locations such as the University of Toronto (admittedly the Scarborough campus), which minimize risk and do little for the under-served.

By contrast, TorontotheBetter's Red  Panamericana Toronto partnership with the Hispanic Development Council is building Cruyff Court Toronto, a globally renwned community soccer facility in the North-west of the City, adjacent to the Jane-Finch neighbourhood (most often the focus of mainstream media notoriety and/or state neglect). Cruyff Court Toronto will be Canada's first member of  the global  Cruyff Court family, founded by Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff and in keeping with the non-profit Cruyff Foundation's values most time on Cruyff Court Toronto will be available free to the community. For ongoing details as we move towards the planned opening date in 2016 see our blog at www.redpanamericanatoronto,


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