Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Transformative Change for Social Justice: Toronto City Hall on July 2 & 3, Gala on 4th.

FROM Torontothebetter Peel correspondent Ranjit Khatkur
 Dear Friends of Insight and Towards Social Justice:

As you already know, 'Insight' created a platform for social justice work and our team of 'Towards Social Justice' continue to develop strategies to take all the courageous conversations into supporting and creating initiatives that continue the dialogue and turn the VOICE INTO ACTION. Currently we are working really hard to develop a platform for this work to continue in Business, Mental Health, Education and The Environment at a GCI Conference in Toronto on July 2/3/4, 2015.

We need your attendance, help and support for July 2, 3 and 4th at the Global Change Initiative at Toronto City Hall. Our connections, incredible leaders and supporters have been invited to participate from all four above mentioned areas to take social justice dialogue to a higher level that initiates actual institutional change. If we have missed you and you see a segment where you feel your expertise should be reflected please contact us. We need your help to circulate the Global Change Initiative details to ALL YOUR connections.  It needs to be done immediately :)  
We have a discount code that will allow our special guests (YOU) access to a discount of 50% for a limited time only! that's only $250 for all three days! This offer expires on the June 20, 2015. 

Also 20% of what your ticket price will automatically go to develop THE GATEHOUSE-PEEL! Can you imagine another Gatehouse helping young people and adults who have experienced sexual abuse here in Peel.  Many marginalized young people don't access any services, we want them to have opportunities to heal. 

If you donate to a cause, consider your ticket helping so many causes, opening the dialogue to turn the VOICE of social change into ACTION and also building a place for sexually abused children and adults.

PLEASE forward this to all your connections and as friends of 'Insight' and social justice, lets show people we care, we are making a difference, we want to see ACTION and lets start by purchasing our tickets at and use the discount code attached and help make Canada the Change we want to see, Let's BE that change! 

Any questions please don't hesitate to e-mail.

Thanks you,

Ranjit Khatkur 
Founder/Director, Towards Social Justice & Insight

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