Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Driftwood Community Centre Staff welcome planned Cruyff Court to Jane-Finch neighbourhood

Driftwood is the main community centre for the Jane-Finch neighbourhood, the site of TorontotheBetter's planned Cruyff Court Toronto. Driftwood staff Tamasha and Jasmyne, in conversation with Tyler and Taodhg of TorontotheBetter's Red Panamericana Toronto programme (the sponsors of Cruyff Court Toronto stressed how welcome new sports space is for the community at a time when existing resources are stretched to their limits and additional user fees make them prohibitive for many of those who most need them. TorontotheBetter staff confirmed that Cruyff Court Toronto's policy will be, in line with the spirit of the Cruyff Foundation, to retain the great majority of prime court time for free community use. A number of useful ideas for Cruyff Court programming were suggested by Tamasdha and Jasmyne, as well as information about other significant members of the community it will be TorontotheBetter's priority to connect with next. Stay tuned to this space as we build an important new community facility in one of Toronto's most deserving communities.       

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