Thursday, 1 January 2015

There Is An Alternative to this season of very merry consumerism - buy from the Zapatistas and other social economy alternatives

Fed up with the annual North American of orgy of buying and selling?. As well as TorontotheBetter's social economy directory in Toronto there are other alternatives. The following was just received from TorontotheBetter fellow-worker Shawn Pelletier.
Dear Friends
         I have been waiting a decade to be able to buy Zapatista products directly from the Zapatista's. Finally, I've found a website project that has made this possible.
         So why should we buy from the Zapatistas? Money raised by the sale of local Zapatista products goes into supporting development projects in Zapatista communities. This means the building of schools, water treatment facilities, hospitals, homes, production facilities, farms and meeting halls to support the Zapatista community democracies. The Zapatistas offer the citizens of their communities many human rights including; food, housing, medicine, education, information, land, etc. Though these services are provided for free to Zapatista citizens, they are not free for the democratic government in Zapatista communties.
Anyways, the Zapatistas are awesome and the most powerful force on this planet today striving to create a world much along the lines of the values held by the wobblies.
Here is the online store and info


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