Monday, 26 January 2015

Whose Sports? Our Sports - TorontotheBetter's first In Canada community soccer initiative under way in Jane-Keele-Finch corridor

TorontotheBetter is pleased to announce its partnership, as Red Panamericana Toronto, with the Hispanic Development Council and Toronto Azzurri Youth Sports Villa to create Canada's first Cruyff Court. part of a world-wide family of inner-city soccer facilities pioneered by Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff. Canada's first Cruyff Court will be located on the Toronto Azzurri fields at the Keele Reservoir near the Jane-Finch neighbourhood. The outcome will be more Torontonians enjoying safe and inclusive recreational soccer according to the 14 Fair Play Cruyff principles in their own neighbourhoods. Toronto's Cruyff Court represents the sports component of TorontotheBetter's "Whose Toronto? Our Toronto" vision.  

for more about Cruyff Courts see:
and check out Red Panamericana partners the Hispanic Development Council 
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