Tuesday, 30 December 2014

TorontotheBetter receives go-ahead for first in Canada community development through sports initiative in Jane/Keeele/Finch area

The international Johan Cruyff Foundation - http://www.cruyff-foundation.org/en/ - named after Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff, has approved TorontotheBetter's proposal (through its Red Panamericana partnership with the Hispanic Development Council) to build Canada's first Cruyff soccer Court on land near Finch Avenue  and Keele Street provided by TorontotheBetter partner Toronto Azzurri youth Sports Villa - http://www.torontothebetter.net/2taysv.htm. This is a neighbourhood heavily populated by two of Toronto's core soccer-friendly communities:Latinos and Italians. Centered around the Toronto Azzurri clubhouse, The Toronto Cruyff Court is designed to be an inclusive non-elite community hub that will generate recreational, economic and cultural opportunities in an area of Toronto in many ways historically under-served. Red Panamericana has been working for approval of its proposal since receiving endorsement for a Jane/Keele/Finch corridor Cruyff Court from Jane-Finch Community Legal Services, three years ago. 

See below for the Cruyff Foundation fair play principles:
 A Cruyff Court and Schoolyard14 are meeting places, where themes such as respect  for each other, health, integration, development and playing together are central. Those themes are based on the  14 rules of Johan Cruyff.

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