Monday, 29 December 2014

Is Toronto's Now Magazine a Social enterprise or "Benefit Corporation"? - sex ads are not the problem

Much to do recently about Now Magazine's presumably lucrative sex business advertising trade. Whatever you think about the relative persuasiveness of Now representatives' defence of their sex ad business it's a bit of a stale and old-fashioned discussion insofar as the advertisers and their customers have voted with their money. The rest is history we may say. If we don't like it we should all do something else. The real problem with Now is not sex ads and but its ever growing attachment to consumerism. Every page screams "buy shit" whatever flavour you choose. Inevitably, then, Now is in the hands of its advertisers, whatever their take on our right to what we want with our bodies or our minds and spirits. Call it a radically mixed message. Now Magazine - a social ebusiness/B-corp (U.S. lingo)? Looks more business than social.

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Frank Touby said...

Of course Now is a business. Any outfit that pays writers, photographers, artists, delivery people, printers, salespeople and other suppliers is a business. That they're making money seems apparent. That they deserve to seems also apparent.