Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Maquila Solidarity Network's anti-sweatshop work to end. Gone,maybe,but not forgotten

After twenty years of struggle for workers' rights in sweatshops around the world the Maquila Solidarity Network recently notified supporters including TorontotheBetter that it would be closing its doors. Thanks to MSN and its allies for the differences they have made in many workers' lives over the years. There have been some notable advances for workers over the twenty years but too bad the need for MSN type work has not disappeared, as the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh recently demonstrated. Better cities in Canada and around the world require decent conditions for all their workers. TorontotheBetter calls on people of good will to keep up the pressure on predatory employers at home and abroad.And thanks to MSB volunteer and Libra/TorontotheBetter worker Musonda Kidd for originally alerting us to MSN;s work in the early days.         

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