Thursday, 27 November 2014

B.C. pipeline-protest case shows how lawsuits threaten democratic voices say Globe&Mail columnists

Some recent news regarding a Canadian concern that's calling for wider debate...

"At 4:00 on November 17, the RCMP read an injunction that had been granted the previous Friday prohibiting members of the public from traversing areas of a Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area.


As a result of the SLAPP suit filed by Kinder Morgan, we now have the RCMP acting at the behest of a foreign oil company to arrest young people, SFU faculty and Coast Salish elders, who are profoundly concerned not just about what more than doubling of the capacity of these pipelines might mean to the region but also about the effects of tar sands bitumen on global climate change more generally..."

See the full column here for more details and commentary.

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