Sunday, 28 September 2014

War Resisters Film Night, Fundraising Dinner, and NEW Online Fundraising Campaign

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With a federal election looming, we fear that the Harper government will step up its drive to force the remaining U.S. war resisters out of Canada. 

In the past, September has been the time of year when the Conservatives seek to deport war resisters. 

It was in September 2012 that Kimberly Rivera and her family 
were forced out of Canada. 

The War Resisters Support Campaign believes there is an imminent threat of deportations. 

We urgently need your support to build a defense fund. 

You can donate online at: 

If you prefer to donate by cheque or money order, please make cheque payable to:

War Resisters Support Campaign

Mail to:

427 Bloor Street West 
Box 3 
Toronto, ON 
M5S 1X7 Canada

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